Mom Shares Clever Hack to Chill Wine Fast Using Salt, but Does It Work?

There is nothing worse than warm white wine. However, when you get that golden nectar home from the store, it can sometimes take a while to chill.

If you're simply not prepared to wait or your dinner guests are about to arrive, a woman on Instagram may have a life hack you'll be interested in.

An Australian identified only as Leanne has shared her trick for cooling down wine quickly on her account Home.with.Leanne.

In a video posted on August 12, the self-described "Organizing & Cleaning Enthusiast" can be seen standing in her white kitchen wearing a chic Breton top and holding a glass of vino.

The clip, which can be viewed here, cuts to her waving a bottle of wine around, before pouring ice into a bowl of water.

Leanne then instructs viewers to "add salt" before tipping a bowl of the seasoning into the water.

The Australian, who has over 45,600 followers on Instagram, puts the bottle in the bowl and exclaims: "Chilled wine in 15 mins."

In the caption accompanying the video, Leanne explained her method further. She wrote: "In a bowl add water, ice and approximately 2 tablespoons of salt. Add your wine and in 15 mins you have cold wine."

Social media commenters lavished praise on the trick, with Kat.egorise describing it as "life changing."

Another person, Ourhamptonsbeachvilla, wrote: "Fab tip."

Dish.lishous gushed: "I needed this hack! thank you for sharing."

But does the hack actually work? Well, yes. This is because the salt lowers the freezing point of water.

The University of Santa Barbara's ScienceLine website explains: "While pure water freezes at 0C (32F), salt water needs to be colder before it freezes and so it usually takes longer to freeze. The more salt in the water, the lower the freezing point.

"Very salty water freezes at around -21C, or about 6F."

This means your ice will stay icy for longer, keeping your wine submerged in coldness to cool faster.

Social media is awash with other clever hacks that can help us with beverages both hot and cold.

A woman known as Thatpineapplegirl on TikTok recently shared her tip for that crisis moment when you have a beer but don't have a bottle opener—and it really raises the bar.

All you need to do, she revealed, is hold two bottles together and kick them. While she might make it look easy, this is one that should definitely be attempted sober.

Glasses of white wine
Stock image of glasses of white wine. A woman on Instagram has shared a tip to cool down the drink. Getty Images