12 Genius Hacks From TikTok That Have the Internet Going Wild

TikTok is a font of knowledge—full of advice we didn't know we needed, but now can't live without.

From cleaning tips to culinary tricks to life hacks that transform the day-to-day, there is something for everyone on the video-sharing app.

Many of these methods have left viewers open-mouthed at their simplicity and scratching their heads as to why they'd never thought of them.

But to save you some arduous scrolling, we have compiled a list of our favorite TikTok hacks. Prepare to have your mind blown...

1. How to Eat a Pineapple

Pineapple may be delicious, but it can be laborious to eat. However, this doesn't have to be the case. One mom recently shared her tip for eating the fruit without a knife, claiming we have been doing it wrong our entire life. All it takes is some rolling, pounding and bashing, then segments come away in your hand. Sounds simple enough.

2. How to Clean a Bathtub


My favorite part is the smell! Makes ur bathroom smell so good afterwards! #familytime #alwayslearning #lifehack #cleaningtips #cleaninghack

♬ Mount Everest by Labrinth - Helen Owen

If you want to clean your bathtub you are going to need some grapefruit and some sugar. No, not to fuel your energy levels; to scrub with. Cut the citrus fruit in half, cover it in granules and you're good to go. The acidity supposedly helps remove the soap scum and the sugar acts as an exfoliant.

3. How to Cut a Cake

You slice your cake with a knife, don't you? Well, you better get with the times. Gen Z TikTok creators are now using an upturned wine glasses to dig out a serving of cake. One go at this fun-filled approach, and we're sure you'll find the traditional way just doesn't cut it anymore. Cheers!

4. How to Chop Onions Without Crying

Chopping onions can make us tear up, and salty liquid flowing down your cheeks is never a good look. However, what does look great is the make-shift protective gear one woman fashioned out of a hooded sweatshirt and a pan lid. This will definitely catch on.

5. How to Restyle Your Jeans

"Fashion fades, style is eternal," Yves Saint Laurent once famously said. With that in mind, this trick for restyling old jeans using hairbands is sure to keep you looking good, even if your denim is not on trend.

It may also cut off the circulation to your feet, but that's a separate issue.

6. How to Turn Up the Music

If you like to play tunes on your iPhone, but find the sound is too quiet, a TikTok user has shared her hack for pumping up the volume. One to avoid on public transport, perhaps.

7. How to Bunk off Work

Fancy bunking off work for a few hours without your boss finding out? Silly question. But for those of us who are working from home one woman has shared her tip for doing just that. All you need is a wooden spoon, an electric fan and some Sellotape—seems legit.

8. How to Clean Car Headlights

Come nightfall a car's headlights are as vital as its steering wheel, therefore it is important they stay in good working order. If yours are fogged up, just use a lemon and some baking soda. Many online have claimed this will save them some serious dosh.

9. How to Clean a Pan

Removing grime from burnt pans is one of life's least stylish tasks. But instead of using up all your elbow grease, why not make a cup of tea? You can then use the teabag to clean the pan—just pop it in for 15 minutes, and let the tannins do the work. No scrubbing required.

10. How to Remove an Egg Yolk


Remove egg yolk with water bottle trick #fyp #cookinghacks #foryou

♬ Roscoes - ZaeHD & CEO

This hack for removing a yolk from a raw egg is definitely all it's cracked up to be. All you need is an empty water bottle, and you'll get eggcellent results.

11. How to Keep Chips Fresh

If you have the self control to not eat a large bag of chips in one go, you may enjoy this grandmother's hack for ensuring they stay fresher for longer. All you need is an old packet of wet wipes, and you can keep munching long after the bag was opened.

12. How to Open Beer Bottles


Here’s a tutorial on how to properly do the bottle-opening trick #fyp #bottlecapchallenge #lifehack #levelup

♬ original sound - Emily Zeck 🍍

There is nothing more torturous than having beer but no bottle opener. However, this TikTok hack really raises the bar. All you need to do is hold two bottles together and kick them. Warning: Do not try this intoxicated because you might fall over.

woman smiling at phone
A stock image of a woman smiling at her phone. Video-sharing app TikTok is awash with many brilliant life hacks to learn from. Getty Images

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