Woman Shares Genius Hack for Pretending to Work While Relaxing at Home

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us to now work from home.

Some have been relishing the experience. The short commute from the bedroom to the living room and the ability to stay in pyjamas have contributed.

But others itch to return back to the water-cooler gossip and colleague comradery of office life.

However, with work now taking place not far from a comfy couch there is the ever present temptation to want to take a much longer break, or simply stop working an hour or two earlier.

But how can do you do this when apps such as Microsoft Teams and Slack will change a person's status to "away" if they don't use their computer for an extended period of time?

Well, TikTok user Meaghan Brown, known online as meaghan.brown88, has shared her brilliant method for getting around this problem.

Posting to the video sharing app on May 5, the woman shared footage of herself relaxing in the garden of her home wearing slippers and nursing a cup of coffee.

The background music to the footage is an audio clip from the TV show Bad Girls Club, where one person can be heard saying: "Nobody's gonna know. Nobody's gonna know."

To this, a second person responds, "They're gonna know," and the first voice replies: "How would they know?"

Brown then stands up and walks inside the house and across the living room to where her computer is set up on the kitchen counter.

We can see that her computer mouse is taped to a wooden spoon, which is fastened to a rotating fan.

This means the mouse is constantly moving back and forth, so as she relaxes, her bosses are under the illusion she is hard at work.

The clever and deceitful hack has been viewed over 8.8 million times, and received over 973,200 likes.

Many took to the comments section to congratulate Brown on the ingenious method.

One TikTok user, Daleann, wrote: "This is what they mean by work smarter not harder."

Another person, Amber Henrich, added: "HR here and I approve. If you have nothing to do and you're productive getting your work done... enjoy the day. PS I feel like doing the same sometimes."

Juan Trevizo commented: "Modern problems require modern solutions."

A social media user by the name of McPoopin typed: "It's not that people don't work. This just allows them to work at their own pace and actually step away from the screen for a few minutes."

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Woman working on laptop
A stock image of a masked woman using a laptop. A TikTok creator has shared her genius hack for pretending to be busy at work while relaxing at home. Getty Images

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