Man Stumbles Upon Giant Boa Constrictor Snake Sunbathing in Scotland

A large snake has been filmed soaking up the sun on a patch of grass in Scotland.

According to the Daily Record, offshore worker Jack Carson, 22, came across the snake on Wednesday while walking towards Drumry train station in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, near Glasgow, having initially mistaken it for a tree branch.

Carson posted footage of the intimidating reptile to Twitter under the handle @_JC1971. The resulting clip has now been viewed more than 150,000 times with people reacting to the footage with a mix of shock and horror.

Even Carson sounds stunned by what he has come across.

"Right, I'm no tripping boys, right, but that's a big f*** off snake," he is heard saying on the clip. "I'm in Drumry. Big massive snake, mate."

The huge snake, which reportedly measured around 14ft in length, was identified as a boa constrictor by several reptile enthusiasts commenting on the post.

According to National Geographic, boa constrictors are traditionally found in the tropical climates of Central and South America, which only adds to the confusion surrounding its appearance in the colder climate of Scotland.

While Carson is none the wiser, he noted to the Daily Record that "there was a guy lying about 30/40ft away drinking a beer" though he acknowledges he had "no idea if he had anything to do with the snake."

Boa constrictors are not venomous but have been known to eat almost anything.

They catch their prey using a special set of small, hooked teeth designed for grabbing and holding their chosen target.

From there a grisly fate awaits as the snake wraps its muscular body around their victim before suffocating them to death.

Arguably the most gruesome element is still to come, however, with boas capable of stretching their jaw wide enough to swallow significantly larger prey. Not that Carson was aware of any of this, having sidled over to the snake to take a picture.

"I went over but kept my distance and took a photo," he told the Daily Record. "In hindsight maybe we were a bit too casual. My girlfriend was terrified she wouldn't go any closer than the other side of the street from it."

Carson and his girlfriend were in a rush, meaning the identity of the snake's owner remains a mystery.

The shock sighting comes just days after an American species of snake was also found in Scotland by animal rescue officials.

The Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) revealed on Friday August 20 that a corn snake had been found slithering around a block of flats at Marischal Court in Aberdeen.

An appeal has been launched to help try and locate the snake's owner.

Newsweek has contacted Carson for further comment.

A boa constrictor sliding through the grass.
Stock image of a boa constrictor. A similar snake was discovered topping up its tan in Scotland. RUJITOP/Getty