Man 'Trying' Gas and Air While Girlfriend in Labor Has Internet Laughing

A baby might be a blessing, but few would say the same about labor. Painful and exhausting, there's a reason many pregnant women want a loved one to hold their hand in the delivery room.

While supporting his partner during childbirth, one man decided to take advantage of the gas and air used for pain relief, going viral thanks to his hilarious reaction. Posted on August 1 by user @kym.rhys, TikTokers described the clip as "gold."

Sitting in a chair while his partner Kym films him from the bed, the man inhales gas and air through a mouthpiece, before making unintelligible sounds, bursting into laughter and flopping his head to the side. Kym can be heard giggling the whole time, while he wriggles about in the chair and tries (and fails) to hand her the mouthpiece back.

Captioned "first time trying gas and air went well," the video has received more than 300,000 likes and 11,000 shares.

A 2017 study analyzed the effect of Entonox for controlling labor pain during childbirth. A mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, Entonox is inhaled through a mouthpiece at the onset of each contraction. It can make users feel giggly, calm or happy, and other than the possibility of feeling lightheaded, drowsy or nauseous, has very few side effects. Although it has been used in European hospitals for years, it is not commonly available in U.S. hospitals or birthing centers.

Man Tries Entonox While Girlfriend in labor
This stock picture shows a man inhaling pain relief. TikTok users couldn't get enough of a clip of a man's hilarious reaction to gas and air meant for his girlfriend, who was in labor. familylifestyle/iStock/Getty Images Plus

For the study, 120 women were split into two groups, with 60 given the Entonox mixture at the beginning of each contraction, while the other half were given oxygen alone. Researchers used a visual scale to measure the amount of pain participants felt during labor. Women who inhaled Entonox reported lower levels of pain during the first and second stages of labor than those in the control group. Labors in this group were also an average of 33.53 minutes shorter than the oxygen-only group.

TikTok users were in hysterics over the footage of the man inhaling gas and air, with Nicole Littman "crying."

"I can't stop watching this," she wrote.

"I'm in bits," commented Justin Moore, while xo_maddie_xo16 said, "If my birthing partner ain't like this I don't want it."

Others shared their own stories of trying gas and air.

"Been there," said Jason Allen. "Wife got it during her contractions, I got it between them."

"The head flop done it for me," wrote Born strong. "Literally feels like ur heads going to roll off ur shoulders."

"Lost some brain cells there," commented Amanda Fourhorns. "I did that to my hubby when I gave birth to my second."

Newsweek has reached out to @kym.rhys for comment.