What Is the Mythosaur? 'Mandalorian' Season 3 Episode 2 Creature Explained

The Mandalorian has always found ways to surprise viewers, even long-time Star Wars fans who know all of the lore behind the iconic franchise

Episode 2 of Season 3 will likely do just that with its inclusion of a legendary creature that was long thought extinct: the Mythosaur.

The creature made a surprise appearance in the show's newest episode, which premiered on Wednesday, March 8. Here is everything you need to know.

Mandalorian Season three
Pedro Pascal pictured as Din Djarin, aka The Mandalorian, with Grogu in "The Mandalorian" Season 3. Episode 2 saw the legendary "Star Wars" creature the Mythosaur make an appearance. Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM.

What Is the Mythosaur? 'Mandalorian' Season 3 Episode 2 Creature Explained

Episode 2 saw Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) make his way to Mandalore where he hoped to bathe in the waters of the underground mines to prove himself and earn forgiveness for removing his helmet in the past.

His journey on the planet is far from smooth, though, because he gets caught in a trap and Grogu must bring Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) to help rescue him. Once the Mandalorian is free, Bo-Katan takes him to the underwater mines.

In his excitement, Din walks into the water while still in his heavy armor and suddenly plummets into its depths.

Bo-Katan jumps in to save him and as she carries him back up to the surface she suddenly sees the Mythosaur. The legendary creature watches them for a moment before swimming away.

The Mythosaur are giant dragon-like creatures that used to be the dominant species in Mandalore before the arrival of the Mandalorians, at least according to the Star Wars Legends books.

In legends, it is told how Mandalorians learned to ride the Mythosaur, which was referenced in Season 1, but the creatures were said to have been killed by Mandalorians and the species was brought to extinction.

Despite this, the creature remained an important part of Mandalorian culture and its skull is the symbol that is included on their armor to indicate their loyalty to the Mandalore creed.

The return of the legendary creature was foretold in The Book of Boba Fett by the Armorer (Emily Swallow) who told Din about them.

In the Disney+ spin-off, she said: "The songs of eons past foretold of the Mythosaur rising up to herald a new age of Mandalore."

While the Mythosaur has now made a brief return to the Star Wars universe it is unclear whether the creature will return. However, it might be possible that it will reappear and even for Din to learn to ride the creature like the Mandalorians of old.

The Mandalorian Season 3 airs Wednesdays on Disney+.