Internet Can't Get Over Man's Brilliant Comeback to 'Evil' Mother-in-Law

Nightmare in-laws may sound like a cliché, but Reddit is filled with horror stories of controlling mothers, overstepping siblings and dads who take pranks too far.

Many of these tales end up in the "AmItheA**hole" subreddit, which is how one woman ended up being dragged for letting her mother bully her long-suffering husband.

In a post shared on Tuesday 5 April, user u/CherryBlossom7997 explained how her mother took passive-aggressively undermining her son-in-law to new levels of petty—and his legendary response to the situation.

It seems CherryBlossom7997's mother really liked her daughter's ex-fiancé Martin. So much so, she was willing to lie and manipulate to get them back together. Unsurprisingly, she didn't take to the poster's now-husband, Scott.

She wrote: "This relationship was sort of pushed by my family because he's a doctor and comes from a wealthy family.

"When our relationship ended mom was devastated. She lied to Martin about me being pregnant to save 'us.'

"Mom has a bit of tension towards Scott, she treats him well but constantly makes passive, nagging comments about him. She compares him to Martin all the time which bothers both of us but we try to let it slide."

Even though her daughter had moved on, her mother couldn't let Martin go. She kept harassing the poster's husband about all of the fancy things Martin is buying and sending links to his social media.

The Redditor continued: "Mom kept telling Scott about the diamond ring, new car, and bank account Martin got for his fiancee and kept sending him photos saying how generous Martin is to his fiancee than compared him to Scott and what he had done for me.

"I told her stop doing this and she apologized."

Despite saying sorry, CherryBlossom7997's mother still couldn't let it go, causing a blow-up at a family dinner.

Shocked Older Woman
Shocked older woman. Redditors described the husband's response to his mother-in-law's put-down as "brilliant." Creatista/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The poster continued: "At dinner table mom asked Scott if he saw the text she sent him the other day, he said he was sorry and that he didn't notice. She told him to check it right then and read it out loud so everyone at the table could hear.

"He took his phone and started reading the text out loud. Her text mentioned how Martin got his fiancee a new house and how generous he was, then said that Martin is younger than Scott, yet was able to buy a house. Basically shaming Scott for his inability to buy a house.

"She wrapped up by saying that Martin maybe wasn't so bad for me after all."

Understandably, the Redditor and her husband were upset, but Scott managed to give his meddling mother-in-law a taste of her own medicine.

She explained: "He looked at the text, smiled and said "you know, what gets me about this entire text is how you were a public educator for 30 years, yet you can't differentiate between the passive "you" and the contraction "you're", Good God! The thought of all the children that must've been left behind!"

The rest of the family got a good laugh out of it, but the poster's mother didn't find it so funny. "Her face went pale" and she immediately got up and left.

She wrote: "My sister started yelling at me saying Scott was being awfully rude and I need to get him to apologize immediately for embarrassing mom at the table.

"I refused to tell him to apologize then pointed out how she was being judgemental towards him, she defended herself saying she was just letting him know and he had no confidence and took it personally.

"I left but kept getting told to talk to him and get him to apologize for what he did."

According to law firm Slater and Gordon, problems with their partner's family is a common reason cited by couples filing for divorce. Its study of 2,000 married people showed that 60 percent of partnerships complain about overbearing in-laws, with one in ten actually splitting over the issue.

The post has received more than 15,000 upvotes and 1,075 comments from Redditors who couldn't get enough of Scott's killer comeback. Although users unanimously agreed that CherryBlossom7997's mother was an a**hole, they also wanted to know why the poster wasn't standing up for her husband.


"Yes, your husband handled it like a champ, but grow a freaking spine and tell your mom in no uncertain terms to cut that s*** out."

HelpStatistician agreed, commenting: "How long is your husband going to take feeling like shit before he starts looking for appreciation and value elsewhere?

"You mother is sabotaging your marriage and you are allowing it to happen and one day you'll wake up and wonder what happened but it's pretty obvious."

Others couldn't believe that the poster spoke to her controlling mother at all, with Confident_Profit_210 saying: "The fact she ever spoke her mum again after she lied about a PREGNANCY is wild to me."

Material_Cellist4133 added: "I would have gone NC with my parents if they didn't respect my SO."

Some wondered why the mother thought that getting her son-in-law to read out a mean text she'd sent him would ever go her way.

Mundane-Currency5088 asked: "How in the Hell is reading the passive aggressive text from mom going to turn out well for mom. The husband could have said no but OP'S mom asked for both barrels of truth to the cranium."

Mmenard0313 replied: "It's not even that passive... she should have told her mom to suck on one, evil witch."

Georgiajl38 said: "Your Mom is a total raging AH who needs to be the one apologizing for her appalling behavior.

"Scott is a gem and NTA. He's brilliant!"

Newsweek has reached out to CherryBlossom7997 for comment.