Man Slammed After Insulting Wife for Not Wanting His Mom in Delivery Room

A man's response to his mother asking to be in the delivery room when his wife gives birth has the internet exploding and calling him a "mama's boy."

The story was revealed by the man's older sister in a now-viral Reddit post in the popular "Am I the A**hole" forum. Her post received more than 10,200 upvotes and over 900 comments, with many calling out the man for not respecting his wife's wishes.

The anonymous poster, known only as u/throwar5567753, explained the situation in the post titled "AITA for calling my brother a mama's boy and refusing to apologize for ruining his birthday?"

In the post, she explained that her brother, 26, and his pregnant wife, 24, live at their mom's house and that their mother tends to be overly involved in all aspects of their marriage.

The woman explained that her brother lets their mom get involved in their business and that her sister-in-law complains about it being a violation of privacy. She also explained that the situation worsened after her sister-in-law got pregnant.

"Their most recent conflict is about mom pushing to be in the delivery room and Sil saying no," the post read. "My brother not only is siding with mom but he's making promises to her to keep her happy."

For first-time parents, nearly everything in life can become more complicated when expecting a new baby. This includes familial and parental relationships. In this person's case, their mother-in-law felt they had a right to be in the delivery room.

Typically, the delivery room is open to more than just the hospital staff and parents. Certified doula Robin Elise Weiss explained that each hospital has its own policies, but that it is becoming much more common for parents to have a doula or extra person in the room.

Weiss also recommended that people think about who they would feel comfortable with being extremely vulnerable with.

"Aim to invite people who will be supportive advocates, not just spectators," Weiss wrote. "Also, you will want to be sure that you will feel comfortable letting loose, making noise, and experiencing bodily functions in front of anyone you include."

The Redditor explained in the post that a week ago they were all gathered at their mom's house for her brother's birthday. One of her brother's friends asked where his wife was and he replied that she was "being a princess" and "acting spoiled and immature."

"I was shocked and hurt on her behalf, so I responded 'actually...she's probably just upset now that she's realized that you're a grade a mama's boy ready to do whatever mom says while ignoring your wife's wishes.'"

What followed was a brief silence as his friends stared at them, the post read. She said her brother said she was "disrespectful" and even told her husband to "say something."

"My husband just said 'don't mind me...I'm just a bystander--sitter,'" the post read. "Dinner got awkward and my brothers friends left early."

She said her brother continued to be angry with her, saying she embarrassed him in front of his friends and that she ruined his birthday dinner.

"I decided to go home cause he kept yelling. Mom then called demanding I apologize for the rude things I said at dinner but I refused," the post concluded. "Aita for this?"

Hundreds of users flocked to the comments section, many to defend the woman and call out her brother's behavior.

"NTA [Not the A**hole] Glad someone is standing up for SIL," one user commented. "The icing on top is he had mommy call you after he tattled because his feelings were hurt!"

Another user suggested that the woman tell her mother that she is being "ridiculous" and that she should tell her sister-in-law what happened at dinner.

Other users called out the fact that they thought it was strange that the woman's mother felt entitled to be in the delivery room while her daughter-in-law was giving birth.

"Also weird to not want to respect SIL's wishes about who's in the delivery room," another user wrote. "Can't imagine a time when someone is feeling more vulnerable or when their preferences should be respected more."

"NTA your brother is being an awful husband. He should definitely be doing what makes his wife comfortable when SHE delivers their baby," one comment read.

Newsweek reached out to u/throwar5567753 for comment.

Man defends mom over pregnant wife
A woman went viral after criticizing her brother for not defending his wife. She explained that their mom wants to be in the delivery room when her sister-in-law gives birth which users found inappropriate. RyanKing999/iStock