Man's Creative Hack to Skip Airport Security Lines Divides Opinion

Airport lines can be long, boring and, if you are running late, incredibly frustrating.

But one man has shared his hack for skipping the line, but we can't say it's entirely ethical.

Kenny Smith, known online as _smittythegoat_, shared his method to TikTok on May 30.

The video begins with Smith filming the airport and saying: "When you see a long security line like this..."

The camera then pans down to his feet, and he removes his white sneaker and says: "oh man I'm injured!"

Then he puts the shoe into a cardboard bag he is carrying, while crying: "Oh hell no! Ahhh!"

The camera cuts to a wheelchair, as the overlaid text reads: "They about to pull me straight past all those people in line. I got a flight to catch."

A man can then be seen pushing Smith in the chair through the airport saying: "He pretty much misstepped and broke an ankle."

Then, when he arrives on the plane he is given a seat with extra legroom at the front of the aircraft, which he excitedly describes as a "wheelchair seat."


How to bypass 1000 people at the airport when you have to catch a flight 😭😭😭 #TakisTransformation #SimlishSessions #HotwireHotelGoals #flight

♬ original sound - _Smittythegoat_

The video ends with writing that shows he is now in Chicago, Illinois, and Smith can he heard saying: "Miracle I can walk again."

The line-jumping hack is captioned: "How to bypass 1000 people at the airport when you have to catch a flight."

Smith has also included the hashtags: "#TakisTransformation #SimlishSessions #HotwireHotelGoals #flight."

The video has gained lots of popularity online, having been viewed more than 1.1 million times and surpassing 280,900 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts on Smith's airport behavior.

One TikTok user, SHADOWFuse83, wrote: "Boom bow that's how you fix that."

Another person, Apple User432665, typed: "God is good! Glad you made a speedy recovery.

Xhohly_ added: "This man is going places, not the line, but places."

Motivation is key commented: "Gots to see it through, my boy!"

Vincent Hill gushed: "Thanks for the tip bro!!!!"

A joked: "There's gonna be another line now."

However others were not so impressed at the man's actions, with Atlas Astronomy writing: "This is abused so often that sometimes it takes over an hour to wait for assistance for those with real disabilities. A big reason I hate flying."

LBoogie stated: "Smh [shaking my head] and take away from people who really need it."

Newsweek has contacted Kenny Smith for comment.

A line at the airport
A stock image of a line at the airport. In a TikTok video a man shared his hack for skipping the airport line. Getty Images