Man's Humorous Note to UPS Driver Over Important 'Wine Delivery' Resurfaces

Never come between a wine-lover and their favorite beverage, especially when weekend plans depend on it.

One man has the internet in hysterics over a very relatable door sign, which he left for the UPS driver delivering his important package.

Captured in an image posted to Reddit's r/MadeMeSmile sub by Character-Stretch697, the note reads: "UPS guy, I'm out back mowing the lawn, and the quality of my weekend depends on this wine delivery.

"Thanks, Tony."

In the corner of the paper, Tony had also drawn a diagram of his house (a square), the UPS van, and the words "you + wine" at one end and "me" at the other, just in case the delivery driver didn't understand the message.

Reddit users couldn't get enough of the hilarious instructional, with the post receiving over 18,000 upvotes since being posted yesterday.

"That's beautiful," commented Fun_Doubt5810.

"I vibe with Tony," said Psychological-Soil-57.

"Clear, concise," wrote MoreThan2_LessThan21. "Hope the UPS guy was awesome."

According to The Wine Institute, US residents drank 1.1 billion gallons of wine in 2021. That's an increase of 967,000,000 gallons a year since 1933, when records began. The average amount of wine per resident is 3.18 gallons a year, which equates to roughly five bottles. These figures included all types of wine, such as sparkling wine, dessert wine, vermouth and other table wines.

A report by Nova One Adviser—an international market research and consulting organization—cited changes to consumer drinking habits for the increased wine consumption over the last 89 years. Many believe wine to be healthier than other alcoholic beverages (there was even a theory that red wine prevented COVID, which experts have debunked), but social norms are also playing a part. Boomers were the first to champion wine and millennials are continuing the trend, while beer consumption is decreasing. The number of wineries in the US also grew by 10 percent between 2019 and 2022, making wine more readily available.

Tony's helpful illustration was particularly popular amongst Reddit users.

"Love the diagram," said Altruistic_Peach_791.

"The 'You+Wine' is too good," wrote pretendingtobeariver.

"Tony is already an amazing person but I fear his power to draw a practically perfect square," said zfra9. "We should feel fortunate Tony has no plans for world domination."

Tony isn't the only passionate wine drinker to go viral. A cat begging for a sip of his owner's beverage won the internet's heart in May, while a little girl "slamming" the "blood of Christ" at her communion had people in stitches.

Although users would love to track down Tony and see how his wine delivery went, the image is unfortunately a repost and has been making the rounds online for a few years now. Wherever you are Tony, Redditors hope you enjoyed your wine-fueled weekend.

Newsweek has reached out to Character-Stretch697 for comment.

Man's humorous note to UPS Driver resurfaces
A stock photo of a delivery man holding boxes in one hand and ringing a door bell with the other. The man's note about his wine delivery even came with a diagram for the delivery driver. ronstik/iStock/Getty Images Plus