Man's Long CVS Receipt Paired With 'Star Wars' Music Goes Viral in Video Viewed 2M Times

A man's TikTok video showcasing his CVS receipt accompanied by the Star Wars main theme song has gone viral, sparking thousands of comments debating the pharmacy chain's notoriously long receipts.

TikToker @bearded_brian's video starts with a voiceover saying, "Just left CVS, purchased seven items..." as he sits in his car while wearing sunglasses. As John Williams' iconic Star Wars theme begins to play, he suddenly pulls a CVS receipt from the bottom of the screen, moving it slowly past the camera lens and above his head to mimic the opening crawl of the Star Wars films.

The video cuts off after 29 seconds—and @bearded_brian is still going. The video has been viewed 2.5 million times with over 450,000 likes and 13,000 comments as of press time.

A lot of people saw the humor in the situation in the viral video, while others debated the need for the pharmacy chain's receipts to be so long.

Receipt held in a hand
A video of a man's extremely long CVS receipt paired with "Star Wars" music has gone viral. This undated stock image shows a hand holding a receipt. TOEYTOEY2530/GETTY

"I buy one pint of ice cream and walk out with the Declaration of Independence," a TikToker joked.

One viewer said they always say they don't want the receipt, but they get asked several times anyways. "Sir I don't have room for the library of Alexandria in my purse," they joked.

Another TikTok user quipped that CVS workers must "get good at changing receipt paper when you work there."

A viewer commented that the receipt is "a lot of paper," adding that the Star Wars theme is "an audio that couldn't fit any better," when it comes to the music.

"The printing time probably counts as a break for the cashier," another TikToker said while making light of the situation.

"I so get it. What a waste of paper and our time," yet another TikToker commented.

But some see the value in the coupons provided on the receipt. "Umm If you don't want the coupons, I'll take them lmao," a commenter pointed out.

Other TikTok agreed about the coupons. "Hey those are good coupons," one said while another added, "All them savings."

But, as someone argued: "almost all coupons are for things you don't use."

Newsweek reached out to CVS for comment.