Marching Band Chases After Man Who Threw a Trash Bin at Them in Wild Video

A video showing the moment a man threw a trash can at a marching band during a Twelfth of July parade in Belfast, Northern Ireland has gone viral.

The video, posted to Twitter by Aoife (@efaakelly), has amassed over 12 million views and sparked a viral discussion amongst passionate commenters about the Orange Order and their annual parades.

What Is the Orange Order?

The Orange Order is an Irish Protestant and political society named after William of Orange, who defeated Catholic King James II during the Battle of Boyne in 1690, the BBC explained. To mark the defeat, the society organizes annual parades across Northern Ireland on July 12, or Orangemen's Day. While the parades are meant to be an exciting celebration, they often cause tension.

"For many Protestants, these parades are a cherished tradition; an embodiment of their culture, history, and values; and a high point of the year," The Atlantic reported. "For Northern Ireland's Catholic community, the Twelfth isn't a celebration, but a provocation...Rather than cheer the parades when they pass their homes, many Catholics protest them."

Twelfth of July parade
A video showing the moment a man threw a trash can at a marching band during a Twelfth of July parade in Belfast, North Ireland has gone viral. Here, bandsmen marching during a 2019 Twelfth of July parade. PAUL FAITH / Contributor/Getty

Confrontations and riots have occurred at many parades throughout the years, The Atlantic said. However, "this year's Twelfth was one of the safest and most peaceful in recent memory," according to the BBC. Still, the holiday wasn't totally without incident.

The Viral Trash Bin Throw

In Aoife's video, a man—whom many commenters presumed to be Catholic—exits his home, picks up a trash bin and throws it at the marching band passing by.

"Oh s**t, he threw a bin at them," Aoife said in the clip.

Immediately, the band's members chase after the man and swarm his front walkway. The man runs back inside before the band members can grab him, but they don't stop their pursuit. Several members pound on the front door while another grabs a second trash can and hurls it at one of the home's front windows.

"Oh my God—they just smashed the f**king window," Aoife remarked in disbelief.

A few moments later, parade leaders intervene and force the musicians to resume their positions. Police, meanwhile, stand outside the man's home.

"Culture," Aoife tweeted.

Twitter Reacts

Considering how contentious the parades are, many commenters didn't appear to be too surprised by the interaction, though many debated who was wrong—the man or the marchers.

"Love how loads of people on here think breaking a window is wrong but throwing an object into a crowd in an attempt to injure someone is totally fine," Olly Gark tweeted.

"Love how loads of people think that sectarian marching displays are ok," Red Wedgie said in response.

Dip Byrne argued: "They're both as bad as each other."

"OO [is] a hate group vs one guy with a miniature bin," another Twitter user replied.

Newsweek reached out to Aoife for comment.

Other Viral Twitter Moments

Aoife's video isn't the first Twitter post to go viral in recent weeks.

A former Subway worker went viral on Tuesday for revealing the sandwich order that still "haunts their nightmares." Last week, a video showing the moment an oblivious wedding guest continued to dance as a fire blazed behind him went viral with over 13 million views.

And last month, a woman sparked a heated Twitter debate after she blamed the "patriarchy" for the supposed "backlash" against the true-crime genre.