'Mario Golf: Super Rush': How to Unlock More Courses

Mario Golf: Super Rush is released today (June 25) on the Nintendo Switch.

As the sixth mainline title in the arcade sports franchise, the expectation was that this was going to be the biggest and best Mario Golf to date. Yet while the core gameplay mechanics and colorful aesthetic have been praised, one recurring criticism from early reviews is that there is simply not enough content in Super Rush, especially when compared to previous entries in the series.

The Mario Golf Reddit is teeming with questions about whether certain features are either hidden or just straight-up missing. Among other things, users are asking if there are secret characters that do not display on the menu screen, why there are no online tournaments, if there are even difficulty options to choose from, and if there will be any free updates coming soon to fill these gaps.

Gamers have also taken to Twitter to express their disappointment at the title's lack of expected content at release, noting that it is very similar to developer Camelot's last game, Mario Tennis Aces.

Bummed to hear about Mario Golf. Mario spinoffs just aren't what they used to be. Not sure if it's budgetary issues, or mandates that they need to abide by, or what the case is. I was pretty excited for this one too.

"Free updates later" are words that evoke fear in me lol pic.twitter.com/rITu2CmWF1

— Un Cleal (@TheUncleAlShow) June 24, 2021

Unsurprisingly, Mario Golf Star Rush is lacking content, following Mario Tennis Aces' footsteps. Only 4 modes (not including adventure mode) which are standard golf, speed golf, battle golf, & solo challenge. 6 courses. Basically "sell the game for $60 now and add content later".

— ✨Starlight Aurora✨ (@StarlightAurora) June 24, 2021

Are There Going to Be Updates for Mario Golf: Super Rush?

The general consensus, among both fans and critics alike, is that Mario Golf: Super Rush does not feel like a complete package right now and that players will instead have to wait for content to be drip-fed to them in future expansions.

Thankfully, Nintendo has announced that updates are already in the pipeline and that they are going to be available for free. They have confirmed that these patches will add extra characters and courses, including one set in the charming New Donk City from Super Mario Odyssey.

At the time of writing, Nintendo has not given any indication of when this DLC will be arriving. This means that there are currently only six courses in Mario Golf: Super Rush, which is four less than its predecessor, Mario Golf: World Tour on the Nintendo 3DS.

How to Unlock More Courses in Mario Golf: Super Rush

The base version of the game launches with a standard "Rookie Course," the rolling hills of "Bonny Greens," the windswept "Ridgerock Lake," a desert-themed "Balmy Dunes," the stormy "Wildweather Woods," and, for the grand finale, "Bowser Highlands". There is also technically a seventh location, in the form of a battle arena, but this is considerably smaller than the others and you cannot use it to play a traditional 18-hole course.

When you first start the game, only the Rookie Course and Bonny Greens will be available to select in multiplayer. If you want to unlock the others, then you will have to earn them by participating in the story-driven adventure mode.

"Golf Adventure" is designed to help ease you into the game and familiarise you with the basic concepts, including the new speed golf mechanics. As such, it makes sense that the developers would want to incentivize you to experience this mode before going online.

In a nutshell, it serves as a kind of training mode where you control your own customized Mii (rather than any recognizable Mario characters) and join a country club. There you will take lessons, play introductory minigames, and gradually discover more complex golfing techniques.

If you do not want to grind through the 5–6-hour adventure mode, and want to play with friends straight away, then you can alternatively just complete a full 18-whole game on Bonny Greens. This will immediately unlock the next course.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is available now on the Nintendo Switch for $59.99.

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"Mario Golf: Super Rush" has been criticized for only having six courses at launch. Nintendo of America