'Mario Tennis Aces' Reflection Room: How to Solve Adventure Mode Level

The Adventure Mode of Mario Tennis Aces is a fun way to learn the mechanics of the game as you compete in various matches and minigames. However, a stage called the Reflection Room is one of the toughest in the game and players are stumped as to how to solve it.

Luckily, we have the answer and a step-by-step guide to get through the Reflection Room so players can move on with the story. Here's how to solve the Reflection Room in Mario Tennis Aces and a detour that gives a hint to how to complete the stage.

Boo can help players solve the Reflection Room in 'Mario Tennis Aces' Nintendo


There are a few detours in the Mario Tennis Aces Adventure Mode that give players new rackets and other bonuses. These extra stages don't need to be completed to progress in the story, but they're a great way to earn more rackets and experience.

Other detour stagesoffer hints as to bypass some stages that require a little more than just skill, and the detour in the Mirage Mansion world gives just that for the Reflection Room.

After defeating Boo on the Practice Court, he'll tell the player to listen to the sounds made during the stage. That may seem confusing at first but once you enter the Reflection Room you'll understand right away.


There are two levels in the Reflection Room. The first is the easiest and is where Boo's hint on the Practice Court comes into play.

In the first part of the Reflection Room, the giant mirror will contain anywhere from three to five bubbles. Hit the tennis ball into one of the bubbles and listen carefully. There will be two different sounds, one is similar to a bumper and the other is a bell. You'll want to pop the bubble that gives off the bell sound. If you hit the bumper bubble, a Zone Shot opportunity will appear which will pop a bubble with one shot instead of two. For the sake of time, you'll want to use the Zone Shot as much as possible.

Burst the bell bubbles three times players and you'll move on to the second part of the Reflection Room.

The second portion of this stage is a bit more difficult and requires patience and good timing.

A clock will appear in the center of the mirror. Serve the ball and moving gears will begin to float around the mirror. Like the bubbles, you'll need to hit the ball at one of the gears to intitate a Zone Shot Star. Use the Star to hit a Zone Shot at the gears one by one until they are all gone. This is trickier than it seems because you'll need to aim at where the gears will be instead of where they are. This is especially the case with the smaller gears; accuracy is key.

Repeat these steps two more times to complete the challenge and defeat the Reflection Room. It may take a few tries, but once you get the hand of the Zone Shots it'll be a breeze.

Have you had success with the Reflection Room in Mario Tennis Aces? Let us know in the comments section below.