'The Masked Singer' Fans Think They Know Exactly Who the Armadillo Is

The Masked Singer fans may enjoy the outlandish costumes and banter between the judges, but the real reason we watch the show is to try and guess who is behind each mask.

As Season 7 has so far refused to give us any singers whose identities we could work out through hearing their voices, fans have had to go deeper and examine every clue they get. And the last episode of the Fox show may have dropped a massive hint for the Armadillo.

Armadillo was introduced in Season 7, Episode 4 alongside Hydra, Miss Teddy, Lemur and Ringmaster. While the Lemur was revealed to be model Christie Brinkley, the Armadillo's identity was kept secret.

The singers areset to take to the stage again in April 6's episode, and some fans think they may have already figured out exactly who the Armadillo is, based on the first package of clues.

Who Is the Armadillo on The Masked Singer?

armadillo the masked singer
Nick Cannon and the Armadillo on "The Masked Singer." Vin Diesel and The Rock were the most outlandish claims as to the contestant's identity. Fox

The judges' guesses were the usual mix of vague possibilities and outlandish wishful thinking, with Chuck Norris, CHiPs actor Erik Estrada and Vin Diesel thrown out as identities.

Much of the fan theories were overly ambitious, with a popular idea being Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. That's Dwayne Johnson, the man who was the highest-paid actor in the world in both 2019 and 2020, who made $80 million apiece for those two years. Appearing on a Fox show alongside sportscaster Joe Buck and celebrity chef Duff Goldman feels unlikely somehow.

Those naive Masked Singer fans, however, might be closer than they know. There is a more sensible fan theory, with a number of the clues from Armadillo's introduction pointing not to Dwayne Johnson but to Duane Chapman. That is, Dog the Bounty Hunter. Who at the very least at least feels like the kind of star who could appear on a primetime celebrity reality show on Fox.

One of the reasons that Masked Singer fans guessed The Rock (and why one of the judges chose Vin Diesel) is that the clues package definitely points to some sort of hardman action hero. In the first set of clues, viewers got to see an actual beefcake (a slab of chuck steak nightmarishly covered in frosting). The Armadillo also talks of "chasing down my enemies," having a "tough exterior" and getting "stuffed, dented, or straight-up bruised" after a day's work.

This led the fans and judges to guess that the person behind the mask was an action movie actor, but they didn't consider that they could be dealing with someone who chases down enemies in real life.

Once you start thinking about Dog the Bounty Hunter, the other clues in the advert-themed clues package start fitting together. "Chasing down my enemies?" That's his day job. The moment in the clues package where he says the advertised product "wipe[s] out scum like nothing else." Isn't that a perfect description of the bounty hunter's show?

In another moment, the package draws our attention to a pair of sunglasses. If you can't guess why that is a Dog the Bounty Hunter reference, do a Google Images search of him, and keep scrolling until you find a picture where he is not wearing a pair of his signature shades.

The most conclusive bit of "proof," however, is that the Armadillo used a Dog quote when introducing himself. In his first episode, he said: "I was born on a mountain and raised in a cave, scrapping and singing is all I crave."

Go back to the pilot of Dog the Bounty Hunter, and you will hear him tell the camera: "Born on a mountain, raised in a cave. Arresting fugitives is all I crave."

The Masked Singer Season 7 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

dog the bounty hunter masked singer
Dog the Bounty Hunter at a 2007 book signing. "The Masked Singer" fans think he is the Armadillo. Getty