McDonald's Customer Filmed Trashing Restaurant Claims 'My Blood Sugar is Low'

A woman has been filmed deliberately trashing the counter area of McDonald's restaurant before claiming the outburst was because she is a diabetic and her "blood sugar is low."

Footage of the incident was posted to TikTok by still.bad.decisions, who witnessed the woman's angry reaction first hand while waiting for her order.

The video has been watched 1.1 million times on the platform and can be viewed here.

According to the person posting the video, the woman became disgruntled because her "coffee took too long" to arrive.

In the video, the woman can be seen telling an unseen member of McDonald's staff to "work" and "be a little more professional."

Several fast food workers can be heard responding to her remarks, though their comments are inaudible.

A moment later, the increasingly irate customer decides to pick up a stack of trays close to the counter and deliberately drop them on the floor.

She then walks away from the serving area, throwing what appears to be a collection of napkins against a glass display.

The woman then proceeds to throw a series of plastic numbered signs to the floor as she walks towards where a man is sitting.

Her actions initially spark bemused laughter from the surprised members of staff on shift, before a female worker can be heard asking for the woman's license plate details as she has a "non-emergency number" she would like to call to report the incident.

Turning and walking back towards the McDonald's the customer issues a half-hearted apology, claiming "I have diabetes and my blood sugar is low."

"That's a good excuse, mam" the McDonald's worker replies, repeating that she nevertheless intends to call someone about the incident. "I got diabetes and my blood sugar is low," the woman repeats.

She then proceeds to stand and watch while a fast food worker comes out from behind the counter and begins to pick up the items she left strewn across the restaurant floor.

At no point does she offer to help tidy up the mess made.

While she waits, another customer can be seen helping pick up the napkins thrown to the floor. The woman filming the video is also seen collecting up the plastic signs earlier dumped to the ground.

The angry customer can be heard describing the staff as "ridiculous" adding that "all they had to do was put coffee in and I would have gone back to work."

She then walks back over to where the man she earlier approached is sitting and takes a seat next to him.

Newsweek has contacted both McDonald's and the original poster for comment on the incident.

The viral footage is a stark reminder of the kind of difficult customers fast food workers can often face and is far from an isolated incident.

In one extreme case, a KFC worker had a gun pulled on them by a customer who had grown frustrated at their order being late.

Prior to that, two disgruntled McDonald's patrons ended up actually opening fire on one restaurant following a dispute over french fries.

A McDonald's restaurant sign.
The McDonalds logo photographed on August 07, 2021 - a woman has been filmed throwing trays and other items around a branch of the fast food outlet. Jeremy Moeller/Getty

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