McDonald's Customer Shows How to Get Free Food With Monopoly Hack

McDonald's Monopoly gives the fast-food chain's customers a chance to get their hands on free food, but one customer has shared how to get more than just that.

The promotional game no longer runs in the U.S. but stores across the U.K., New Zealand and Australia, among other locations, are currently partaking in the beloved offer which sees food items come with stickers that give coupons for free food items or chances to win bigger prizes.

Instant Win prizes are the most common and award selected food items for free including fries, quarter pounders and apple pies—all customers need to do is scan them when ordering or hand them over at the drive-thru, but it's seemingly not always the case.

TikTok user @goodgalgonebaddd showed her method to get multiple free food items using just one sticker, and it's pretty simple.

"Went inside and scanned them on the machines, then kept them and got my [McDonald's] then went round [the] drive thru and gave them in," she explained in a comment, after showing the process in the video.

In the clip, the pair used the self service machines to scan and order their free food items. After receiving them, they kept the stickers and handed them in at the drive-thru, where the server didn't end up scanning them, meaning they didn't realize they had already been scanned.

The video can also be seen here.

As confirmed by a comment though, the trick will only work sometimes, and it all depends on who serves you at the drive-thru. "I work for McDonald's and sometimes they scan it on the drive-thru so it wont work twice but it depends who's working," wrote the TikTok user.

@goodgalgonebaddd's trick to re-use the monopoly stickers isn't a unique experience, as shown by various viewers who confessed they've done it before too. "I've used my free tickets four times going through the drive thru and still have them, not once has anyone asked for them," commented one customer.

Others suggested that scanning the McDonald's Monopoly stickers on the My McDonald's app means they can be re-used various times, as they haven't expired for some users. This trick doesn't seem to work for all users though, as others claimed their QR code disappeared after being scanned by a server the first time.

It isn't the first time McDonald's customers have attempted to get more for their money on TikTok, as a user went viral in July for his method of getting free fries—simply asking for a refill.

"Me and my friend were sitting there after eating our friend and were just kind of like. 'I wonder if they'll do it if we ask,' and that's how that happened. We both were surprised they said yes," he told Newsweek.

McDonald's arches with Monopoly advert
A sign for the new Monopoly game is seen outside a McDonald's restaurant October 5, 2005 in Niles, Illinois. Tim Boyle/Getty Images