McDonald's Fan Ends Up With a McPickle After Getting 25 Slices in One Burger

A McDonald's customer has taken to Reddit to reveal what happened when they asked for extra pickles in their burger—a fast-food worker piled on 25 slices.

Reddit user u/lostcrafts posted a photo of the burger in the 19.5 million-strong r/mildlyinteresting group. The February 23 upload was titled "Asked for extra pickles and got 25."

The photo has attracted more than 43,000 upvotes and nearly 2,000 comments since it was posted. Many Reddit commenters shared their own experiences of working in fast-food restaurants in their attempts to explain how the generous number of pickles ended up between the buns.

One commenter said: "It's definitely one of these two options, either 'hell yeah my pickle dude' or 'f*** this pickle guy.'"

Another added: "I used to work at a sandwich shop. When people ask for extra, they will receive extra."

A third Reddit user posted: "I've worked fast food before and also have ordered from fast food. Usually, when I ask for extra I end up getting less than what you're originally supposed to get. So, when I got an extra order I made sure people got their extra."

Another Redditor recalled a disappointing experience many years ago that still rankles to this day, saying: "This actually did happen to me back in 2005. That's how memorable it was. 22 pickles on a burger where the receipt clearly indicated 'no pickles'."

The user lostcrafts said they were delighted with their order, writing: "I was thrilled. I thought McDonald's had a strict 'extra pickles means 4' rule or something."

Another commenter added plaintively: "Wish they FELT THAT WAY ABOUT CHEEEESE."

Newsweek has contacted McDonald's for comment.

According to figures from the fast-good giant, there were 13,673 McDonald's restaurants in the U.S. in 2020. The number has been declining since 2014, when there were 14,339 McDonald's restaurants in the U.S.

McDonald's menu items such as the Big Mac and McFlurry are among the most famous products in the world. But when the company released a Cilantro Sundae in China, the limited-edition treat sent fast-food fans into a tizzy.

One Twitter user said: "Might as well just eat a bar of soap."

Another wrote: "If hell exists, I would force-feed this all day long. Seriously though even if you like cilantro would you want this? I puke a little every time I look at it."

Others were more interested in the herby sundae, with one commenter saying they had tasted cilantro ice cream and adding: "Anyone who hasn't tried it should—spicy and sweet/ creamy does amazing things on your tastebuds."

Stock image of McDonald's burger
A McDonald's Big Mac and double hamburger are seen on a tray on April 30, 2018 in Miami, Florida. The customer was "thrilled" that they received more than 20 pickles on their burger. Joe Raedle / Staff/Getty