McDonald's-Themed House With Ronald Statue Compared to a 'Horror Movie'

A fast-food fan has turned their New York home into a shrine to McDonald's, prompting social media users to brand the décor "disturbing" and "like a horror movie."

The unnamed burger lover has installed signage, appliances and even a full-size Ronald McDonald statue in their living room.

The unusual home is on Demott Avenue in Rockville Centre, Nassau County—and is currently on the market for $1,375,000.

The 3,474 sq ft house, built in 1947, has seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, a pool and a garage.

Leatherman Homes, which is listing the property, claims on its website that "this house has it all," boasting about the eat-in kitchen and formal dining room.

Photos posted online show a large foyer, which has a framed sign on the wall that reads "Ronald Room," an indication of what awaits visitors.

The kitchen has McDonald's signs on the wall and a drinks machine with the Golden Arches logo. There is also what appears to be a vintage McDonald's appliance, resembling a popcorn machine, in the corner.

But the pièce de résistance is in the breakfast area, which has what looks like vintage seating from the restaurant.

A giant tree, with a face and bowtie, dominates the table, alongside chairs shaped like a packet of French fries, a giant shoe and mini hamburgers.

The memorabilia theme continues throughout the house, with a branded "beverage and condiment" sign from McDonald's by a bar area.

It seems the owner isn't just a fan of Big Macs, however. There are White Castle and Burger King signs in the kitchen, and a framed photo of the Wendy's logo in the bedroom.

There are also numerous retro Coca-Cola signs—some of which light up—on the walls.

There is a place in the house where you can escape the fast-food references. The basement has been turned into a retro arcade, packed with vintage machines.

The realtor's listing states: "Private Backyard Oasis with an In-ground vinyl heated salt-water pool. Full finished basement 1/2 bath. Direct access from 2 car attached garage. Primary roof is approximately 22-years old."

The photos were later shared on Instagram—and it wasn't the pool that got people talking.

More than 1,200 people have commented on the post, shared by the Zillow Gone Wild account, with Gunnyeunice joking: "I'm not lovin' it..."

Pattylish82 asked: "I need the why here. Do they just love McDonald's? Did they win the McDonald's monopoly game? Did they move up the McDonald's management chain, so their lives were forever changed?"

Brandon.linder also had a question: "But is there a PlayPlace in the backyard?"

Aurenbeaverathome quipped: "Where's Hamburglar tho."

Neaux_elle reckoned: "I gained 10 lbs just scrolling through these pictures."

Fayster was baffled, writing: "Not a realtor, but how do you even show a house like this? 'It has good bones; ignore the decor.'"

Paintedlady72 simply posted: "That's disturbing."

My_casey commented: "I'm going to need a price cut of at least $500k to afford the therapy I'd need to live in this house."

Sophie__mc__ thought: "Sliding from picture to picture was like a horror movie. Perfectly fine big house, nothing crazy. Then 'Ronald Room'. Then a slow deterioration of my sanity."

Nellbie wrote: "Can you imagine coming home drunk and seeing an effing TREE WITH EYES in your kitchen?!?!?!!?"

Elizabeth.makes.things added: "No. Oh heck no. Wendy in mirror glass watching you sleep? Clown man McDonald staring you down across the living room? No. Noooooo."

Newsweek has reached out to Leatherman Homes and Zillow Gone Wild for comment.

Ronald McDonald statue  in Chicago
A statue on the porch of Ronald McDonald House in Chicago, seen on November 15, 2011. A New York house that also has a life-size Ronald McDonald statue is attracting a lot of attention. Getty Images/Raymond Boyd