McDonald's Worker Reveals How Big Macs Are Made in Viral Video

A McDonald's worker has given fast food fans a glimpse of how the iconic Big Macs are made—and they have more than a few questions.

According to Reader's Digest, the Big Mac ranks as McDonald's most popular burger and is second only to french fries as the famous restaurant chain's best selling menu item.

So when a video surfaced on TikTok offering up a behind-the-scenes look at how the two patty, three sesame seeded bun hamburger is put together, people were understandably curious.

The clip was shared to social media by essentialmcdonalds, an account operated by a man purporting to be a worker at a branch of the Golden Arches.

The footage certainly appears to back up his claims, with the camera taking viewers behind the counter and into the food preparation area.

It's here that fans are shown the process for making McDonald's signature burger.

First, the three parts of the bun are placed in a special toaster with slots marked for the "crown", "heel" and "club" in reference to the top, bottom and middle sections of the Big Mac bun.

The toasted buns are then laid out in the familiar Big Mac box with the heel placed in one half of the box with the club placed on top of the crown in the other.

A special dispenser then doles out three shots of Big Mac sauce on the heel and club before a sprinkling of dehydrated opinions are added to the two buns. Then "about a half ounce of lettuce" is added on top before two pickles are added to the club bun and a piece of cheese is added to the heel.

A piece of meat is added to both topped up buns before moving on to what the unnamed McDonald's worker dubs "the most challenging part" which sees the stacked-up club bun lifted and placed on top of the heel, trying not to spill any of the contents in the process.

Then it's simply a case of closing the box, with the leftover crown bun dropping down on top of the burger to complete the Big Mac.

As comprehensive a guide as you are likely to find, the clip has proven popular, garnering 4.7 million views in just two days.

Fans had plenty of thoughts on what they saw.

"Did I just get trained to work in a McDonald's?" Javier Lopez asked. Miissolivia, meanwhile, was mesmerized, commenting: "I'm obsessed with learning this."

Jcommando12 was fascinated by the fact the toast had "pictures of the buns" to make sure people don't "mess it up."

"Everything at McDonald's is 1 step away from automated," he noted. Thebettylife was one of many to crack the joke: "You forgot to shake the box about so everything is all over the place when I open it."

Others, however, were decidedly critical of what they saw.

Cortebear wondered why the top bun was left "dry" with no sauce and suggested adding a "second slice of cheese on the top patty [and] this could be way better," they claimed.

TheVikingKing agreed that they seemed to be "stingy on the cheese and pickles."

Mis_Artexo, meanwhile, claimed the method of construction showcased in the video also explains "why the lettuce is always in the box and barely the burger."

Elsewhere, VarysVideos felt the clip provided further proof that a Big Mac is "More bread than actual 'meat.'"

Newsweek has contacted essentialmcdonalds and McDonald's for comment.

A McDonald's worker previously went viral after revealing what he does when a customer asks for "fresh" fries.

On the flip side, another employee of the Golden Arches raised eyebrows online after showing the amount of oil and salt left behind by the french fries at the end of a shift.

A Big Mac and french fries.
A Big Mac and fries pictured in Miami in 2018 - a video showing how the Golden Arches' signature burger has gone viral. Joe Raedle/Getty

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