Meghan Markle's Brother Says Hostile Biographer Did a 'Fantastic' Job

Meghan Markle's brother gave his backing to a biographer whose book was described by a U.K. newspaper as "so relentless you begin to feel sorry for the Duchess of Sussex."

Tom Bower's book, Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors, included a disputed claim that Queen Elizabeth II was relieved the duchess missed Prince Philip's funeral.

And the biography stated that Meghan made Kate Middleton cry—a claim the duchess told Oprah Winfrey was false.

However, the book has been endorsed by her half-brother, Tom Markle Jr., during an appearance on GB News in which he also suggested their father, Thomas Markle Sr., is on the way to getting his voice back.

Markle Jr. told host Dan Wootton that he had seen snippets from Revenge and added: "Tom Bower—I think you did a fantastic spot on job."

The praise comes after the book was so critical of Meghan that reviewer Melanie Reid wrote in the U.K. broadsheet The Times: "This 400-page long demolition job is so relentless you begin to feel sorry for the Duchess of Sussex."

She added: "Up against Tom Bower, a biographer famous for unauthorized skewerings of the famous, [Meghan's] controlled and carefully burnished image does not survive beyond page five.

"His book depicts Meghan as a merciless opportunist who found in Harry the perfect vehicle for personal advancement, and in doing so caused irreversible damage to a thousand-year-old monarchy."

Alongside his endorsement of Bower, Markle Jr. said his father is "making incredible progress every day" after experiencing a stroke earlier in 2022.

Thomas Markle Sr. was admitted to hospital days before he was due to fly to Britain to watch Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee.

Meghan's half-brother spoke to Dan Wootton, a regular critic of the Duchess of Sussex, as the host played the first footage of Thomas Markle Sr. since the stroke.

Markle Jr. told GB News: "Dad is doing amazing. There's a lot of work to do but every single day is just another milestone progression all the way in the right direction, which is ultimate recovery on everything. He's doing fantastic. His mind is all there. We're just making incredible progress every day."

Asked if Markle Sr. was getting his voice back, Markle Jr. said: "Absolutely. We go to many appointments, speech therapist appointments. Every day it gets a little better. Some days aren't so good but then the next day is like almost like nothing ever happened."

He said his father had heard "nothing at all" from Meghan since the stroke.

"Dad's okay with it. Of course, he's sad because it's his daughter," he continued. "It does bother him continuously, but he gets through it."

Asked whether there was any sign in childhood that Meghan might have ambitions to run for president, he added: "Never, never got a sense that she was after anything political whatsoever. It was always fairy tales and princesses. Stories about princesses, that's what she focussed on. But as far as politics goes, if that ever happens I'll probably move to the U.K."

Meghan and Father Thomas Markle
Meghan Markle at a reception for the Invictus Games, in the Netherlands, on April 15, 2022. Tom Markle Jr, inset, at a celebrity boxing press conference on May 15, 2019, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Chris Jackson/Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation and Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images