Meghan Markle Troll Compared Princess Diana's Middle Eastern Boyfriend to Ape

A Meghan Markle troll described the man who died alongside Princess Diana in a Paris car crash as having hair all over his body "a bit like, you know, an ape" on YouTube.

In November 2021 alone, Yankee Wally earned £2,503.84 (more than $3,300) from posting hateful videos about Meghan on the Google-owned platform.

Data analysis agency Bot Sentinel estimated she could have annual revenue of more than $44,000, according to a report released on January 18.

However, among her catalog of trolling YouTube videos was one that commented on the "nappy hair" of Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana's boyfriend at the time of her death in 1997.

On October 11, 2021, the channel posted a video titled: "The Mystery & Middle East Connections of #meghanmarkle."

In the video, Yankee Wally said: "I didn't think Dodi al-Fayed was good-looking at all, in fact I thought he was rather awful looking. He had that billiard ball head.

"Nappy hair, I don't like that. And you know, you just know they're gonna be covered in hair all over their body a bit like, you know, an ape and I really, really don't like that either."

Fayed and Diana were seated together on the back seat of a car that crashed in the Pont de l'Alma underpass in Paris in 1997, when Prince Harry was just 12 and Prince William 15.

The couple both died in the crash, sending Britain into unprecedented public mourning and shattering the childhoods of the two young princes.

The YouTube comment was exposed by Christopher Bouzy, founder of Bot Sentinel, who has been investigating Meghan hate accounts on Twitter and YouTube.

Another video, entitled "there's a very dangerous organization formed, to demolish the Monarchy. we must act fast," encouraged viewers towards a list of pro-Meghan and Harry Twitter accounts.

Yankee Wally said in the video: "These are aggressive people you know. They are, they're WOCs that have got a chip on their shoulder bigger than you'll ever, well, you know what they're like. They just get off on hate."

WOC is an acronym that stands for "women of color."

Bot Sentinel's report stated: "In this video, Yankee Wally shared a list she believed was filled with women of color, and she wanted her subscribers/followers to target the women on the list."

Another video highlighted in his report was posted on July 23, 2019, by Yankee Wally and titled, "Meghan Markle is uncultured, uncivil spoilt and rude. But she CAN see 500 yds with her rat-eyes!"

The report describes how the owner of the account told her viewers she used to be a brothel madam but made more money from YouTube.

Yankee Wally posted a video on December 24, 2021, called: "You're not really alone! Join me tomorrow? Let's get drunk together!"

In the film, she said: "I make money what a bonus. I still can't believe my luck. To be honest I still can't believe my luck.

"I've run some brothels in my time, well I only run two but I make more money on YouTube than I ever did running that place. Because I couldn't take much money off the girls."

Yankee Wally told Newsweek in an email: "I object to ALL of those allegations. That's a gross invasion of privacy."

After a story about her earnings in December, she said: "Every year I have to fill in a tax return for USA. Failure to do so results in deduction of 40 percent.

"I always complete mine so I pay 20 percent. 41 percent of all ad revenue goes to YouTube, I'm 65 and retired, not on any government benefits.

"The income varies greatly. I've earned as little as $700 a month. Now that Bouzy has continued to use his twitter account to say I'm a 'hate' account, I'm feeling less inclined to make videos at all.

"Regarding Meghan Markle; hate is too strong an emotion to waste on someone that I just don't like."

Newsweek has reached out to YouTube for comment.

Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed Memorial
A memorial to Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed which was installed at Harrods department store, in London, in 2005. A Meghan Markle troll compared Fayed to an ape. Robert Alexander/Getty Images