Mexican Actress Carmen Salinas Hospitalized After Suffering Stroke

Mexican actress Carmen Salinas has been hospitalized in Mexico City after suffering a stroke on Wednesday night, her family has announced.

The beloved screen star, 82, is currently in a coma and her condition has been described as delicate, her nephew and personal assistant, Gustavo Briones González, shared outside a hospital in Colonia Roma, per KNBC.

Salinas, who has had a long career in film and TV, is receiving respiratory assistance in intensive care, Briones González told members of the media gathered outside the private clinic in the Mexican capital.

KNBC reports that Briones González stated Salinas' other organs are stable, while doctors believe the inflammation in her brain will subside. The actress' family had been asked to remain at the medical facility for updates on her condition.

Salinas' family hired an external neurologist for a second opinion, Briones González shared, according to KNBC.

Briones González wrote in a statement: "The Salinas family shares with them that the leading actress, Mrs. Carmen Salinas, is going through a difficult health situation, which is why she remains in the intensive care area where specialist doctors treat her."

"Because of the respect and affection that my aunt expresses to the press, they will be kept informed about the state of health and evolution," the statement said.

Salinas has received support from a number of celebrities across social media, while fellow actress Lyn May was seen visiting the clinic, per KNBC.

Mexican singer Gloria Trevi took to Instagram on Thursday to share a photo of herself posing with Salinas as she wrote in Spanish that "many people are asking for you, I love you with all my [heart] you are a strong, brave woman and full of love... I will join in the prayers for your speedy recovery."

Under the direction of late telenovela legend Ernesto Alonso, Salinas made her TV debut in 1964, appearing in such shows as La vecindad, La frontera (The Border) and El chofer (The Chauffeur).

Miren que hermosa familia tengo, en la Telenovela. MI FORTUNA ES AMARTE los invito a vernos en Por las Estrellas a las 20:30 horas, ya verás que te va a encantar!!! CS.

— Carmen Salinas (@CarmenSalinasLo) November 10, 2021

She also earned herself legions of fans playing La Corcholata in Bellas de Noche. Salinas went on to star in more than 110 movies, including La Pulquería and Las Cariñosas, and international projects Hombre En Llamas and La Misma Luna.

Salinas is currently starring in the telenovela Mi fortuna es amarte (Your Love Is My Fortune).

Hours before she was hospitalized, Salinas took to Twitter to express her enthusiasm for the show, writing in Spanish: "Look what a beautiful family I have, on the Telenovela. MY FORTUNE IS LOVING YOU. I invite you to see us at Por las Estrellas at 8:30 pm, you'll see that you're going to love it! !! CS."

Salinas, who was born in the Mexican state of Coahuila, is also a politician, representing the Institutional Revolutionary Party, for whom she won a seat in the Chamber of Deputies for the LXIII Legislature of the Mexican Congress in 2015.

Mexican actress Carmen Salinas
Carmen Salinas smiles during "Padrisimo Tour Por La Equidad" a series of conferences on LGBT+ inclusion and other social issues at Fiesta Americana Hotel on August 1, 2019 in Mexico City, Mexico. The beloved actress is currently hospitalized after suffering a stroke, her family has announced. Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images