Cohen Says Trump Wants to Be 'Autocrat,' 'Not Just Four More Years' If He Wins

Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen has said the president wants to set himself up as an autocrat and if he wins the election could look to stay in power beyond a second term.

Cohen, who has made a slew of accusations against his former boss, said he believes Trump thinks he can "create the United States into a Monarchy" and he "would be its ruler."

Speaking to MSNBC, Cohen, who is under home confinement as he serves a three year federal prison sentence for crimes involving campaign finance violations, tax evasion and lying to Congress, said: "He is legitimately setting himself up to be an autocrat."

Expanding on why Trump would do this, Cohen told host Joy Reid it is because he is scared of facing litigation against him should he leave office.

Cohen's comments come after he said the president would be concerned the release of his tax returns could result in financial penalties and potentially highlight fraud.

This comes on the back of a memoir from Cohen making several allegations against the president.

Cohen said Trump will not accept the results of the election should he lose, and the president has previously not confirmed he would.

"People really do have to vote him out. But that's not going to be easy, because the first thing he's gonna claim is that the election was rigged.

"He's going to do everything possible in order to ensure that he remains president for another four years. But then it's not just four more years. The second that that happens he's already joking, and I tell this many times, Donald Trump doesn't know what is to tell a joke, and he doesn't understand what a joke is.

"When he says how about Trump 12 more years, I mean he is looking to set himself up as an autocrat in this country."

Cohen said the president will declare himself a winner and then question the veracity of ballots as they are being counted post-election.

He said the president was teeing himself up as an autocrat, claiming he is suppressing people's first amendment rights, stating he had his own suppressed by the president Attorney General William Barr.

Cohen then said the president is "bringing in the military" in areas, and also said Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is "playing with the Postal Service" so votes will "end up disappearing."

Newsweek has contacted the White House, Justice Department, the postmaster general and Cohen for further comment on these latest remarks.

Michael Cohen, President Trump's former attorney arrives at his Park Avenue home after being released from federal prison on July 24, 2020 in New York City. He has made several accusations against the president. Jeenah Moon/Getty Images