Michael Lofthouse Resigns as CEO of Solid8 After Racist Video

A tech start-up CEO has resigned after his racist tirade against a family celebrating a birthday party was partially caught on camera.

Michael Lofthouse, who was linked to a San Francisco firm called Solid8 after footage of the incident went viral this week, confirmed in a statement to Fox Business he has since resigned and was immediately "terminating all business relationships."

In a clip uploaded to Instagram, Lofthouse was seen being ordered from a restaurant in Carmel Valley, California, on July 4 after making racist comments at an Asian family. "Trump's gonna f*** you... Asian piece of ***," he was heard saying.

Doubling down on a prior apology, Lofthouse said he was stepping down so his actions wouldn't continue to have a "detrimental impact" on friends or colleagues.

"I have once again begun my journey back to sobriety and have enrolled in an anti-racist program with immediate effect," he said, Fox Business reported.

Lofthouse's statement added: "My comments towards the families involved were racist, hurtful and deeply inappropriate. The reactions to what was said have been deserved and I wholeheartedly acknowledge that I am complicit in a system that enables this behavior and these broken beliefs to exist but I am dedicated to changing."

The video was first uploaded by Jordan Chan, who said the altercation had taken place at Lucia Restaurant & Bar in the Bernardus Lodge & Spa. Chan wrote on social media that Lofthouse has also said "f*** you Asians" and "you don't belong here."

The tech start-up CEO soon deleted his social media profiles and released a statement to KGO-TV. "This was clearly a moment where I lost control," he wrote.

Raymond Orosa, who was one of the people at the birthday party celebration, said he had forgiven Lofthouse, but didn't believe that his apology was sincere.

"He's just saving face. I think he really meant what he said and what he did," Orosa said, noting he had lived in the U.S for 26 years without experiencing such racism. "I don't believe his words because his actions speak louder than the words he's saying."

Gennica Cochran, the waitress who was seen in the Instagram video ordering Lofthouse to leave, also told KGO-TV that she didn't believe the man's remorse.

"I think it's the standard issued apology you get from racists," she said. "People who believe those things and they get called out for them. I don't believe a word of it."

Sean Damery, vice president of Bernardus Lodge & Spa, said the situation had been "extremely unfortunate" and praised the response of the employees.

"We are proud of our staff at Lucia in keeping with Bernardus Lodge's core values; this incident was handled swiftly and the diner was escorted off property without further escalation," he said. "We provide guests with a safe environment for lodging and dining, and extend our sincere apologies to the guests enjoying a birthday celebration."