Michael Wolff Defends New Book From Allegations of Factual Inaccuracies in Heated Interview: 'This Critique is Bulls**t!'

American author Michael Wolff defended his new Donald Trump book, Siege: Trump Under Fire, from allegations of factual inaccuracies in a heated interview with Yahoo! News this week.

During an appearance on the latest Skullduggery podcast, Yahoo! investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff challenged Wolff — who also penned the 2018 Trump book Fire and Fury — on multiple errors and inconsistencies in his new book, published June 4, which explores the 45th president's second year in office.

When asked about his mistake in claiming that former Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand was nominated by former President Barack Obama, when she was actually nominated by President Donald Trump, Wolff said: "Even if I was wrong, I'm not going to admit it to you."

Although the error was small, the author continued to defend the contents of his book with a no-apology approach against further allegations of inaccuracies and problematic claims.

In the book, Wolff claimed to possess copies of special counsel Robert Mueller's alleged March 2018 draft indictment of Trump on counts of obstruction of justice. However, Mueller's office has asserted that the documents "do not exist."

"There's no other reporter who's produced documents or even claims to produce documents," he said. "I am the only person who might begin to claim to have some insight here."

When asked why the title of the alleged indictment, quoted in his book, uses wording that deviates from other Department of Justice indictments, Wolff pointed to the fact that the document was merely a draft to justify the difference.

"Maybe not draft indictments, maybe not this, I don't know," he said. "All I am doing is quoting from two things: a document given to me by an incredibly authoritative source ... and a document, on its face, that is incredibly convincing."

Wolff also claimed that Michael Cohen "sat handcuffed for hours in his kitchen" when the FBI raided his home and office last April. But Cohen's lawyer challenged the claim in a text to Yahoo! News, saying "neither Michael Cohen nor his wife nor anyone else was handcuffed during the FBI search." Cohen was also not charged or arrested during that incident.

"I have no idea on the basis on which someone is handcuffed," Wolff said when asked about the possible factual inaccuracy. "I know that the description of the scene that was given to me, again, a very good source on this, had him sitting in the kitchen in handcuffs."

The interview grew heated after Isikoff discussed several more possible inaccuracies with the author.

"You get all these things wrong and then you ask us to trust you," the journalist said to Wolff.

"No, you get these things wrong," Wolff responded. "This critique is bulls***!"

"The object of this book, as with the last book — and I remember I went through the same thing with the last book... is about trying to re-create life in Trump world," he explained. "It's trying to give readers a sense of what this experience is, of what goes on here, of the tenure, of the language, of the emotional life of Trump world."

"You just have to trust me," the author added.

Wolff's second tell-all book about the Trump administration has faced mounting criticisms over its rampant use of anonymous sources and its failure to obtain right of replies from the White House. In an interview with CNN earlier this week, Wolff explained that he didn't bother getting comment from the Trump administration because he believed the responses would just be full of lies anyway. "Remember, this is Trump world, everybody in it is a... liar," he told CNN anchor John Berman. "I'm trying to give a picture of what Trump world is... I think it's a crazy place... logic [has] long since left this world."

Michael Wolff Donald Trump Book
Author Michael Wolff discusses his controversial book on the Trump administration titled "Fire and Fury" on January 16, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wolff defended his new book, "Siege: Trump Under Fire," this week from allegations of factual inaccuracies in a heated interview on Yahoo News' "Skullduggery" podcast. Getty/Jessica Kourkounis