Affidavits Alleging Voter Fraud Accuse Poll Workers of Wearing Black Lives Matter Clothing

The 234 pages of affidavits released by the Trump campaign—which they say show evidence of voter fraud—include complaints that Democrat counting volunteers wore Black Lives Matter clothing and were "verbally aggressive" and one claim that it was "odd" members of the military voted for Joe Biden, it has been reported.

Ronna McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee, and Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, have said they have 500 sworn affidavits alleging 11,000 incidents of various types of voter fraud.

The affidavits from GOP poll watchers in Detroit, Michigan—a state won by President-elect Biden—are purported to provide evidence of irregularities in the vote-counting process. Donald Trump and his team have yet to accept the results of the election.

Brad Heath, a Reuters reporter in Washington, D.C., said he had examined the 234 pages, a majority of which contained "pretty standard election stuff" already pushed by the Trump campaign, including how poll watchers couldn't get as close to the counters as they wished or couldn't re-enter the room when they left.

Heath also noted that among the affidavits was a GOP poll watcher describing how "EVERY single one" of the independent lawyers observing the elections appeared to follow far-left ideology.

One poll watcher complained that some workers were wearing Black Lives Matter face masks and wrote that "another man of intimidating size with a BLM shirt on" was closely following challengers despite social distancing rules.

Others noted that poll workers would "cheer, jeer and clap" when GOP poll challengers were escorted out of the TCF Center in Detroit, the affidavits state.

They further allege that Democrats were mean.

— Brad Heath (@bradheath) November 11, 2020

Here we go. One woman says she checked the online voter registration for her deceased son, who she says was listed as having voted in this election and one four years ago, both after he died.

— Brad Heath (@bradheath) November 11, 2020

Here we go. One Republican poll watcher says some ballots were processed without being checked against the computer, and the ballots were "sequential, highly suggestive of fraud." (But there's no additional detail.)

— Brad Heath (@bradheath) November 11, 2020

One poll watcher also said he found it suspicious that about 80 percent of military votes were going to Biden.

"I had always been told that military personal tended to be more conservative, so this stuck out to me as the day went on," the affidavit adds.

Heath tweeted: "Many of these boil down to not being able to observe as closely as they wanted, not having questions answered. A bunch are people saying they saw something, but didn't know exactly what was happening or why. Some are relatively detailed; most are not.

"But they're not alleging fraud. A few allege things that made them suspicious, but they offer very little detail."

Newsweek has been unable to verify the contents of the affidavits. Trump's campaign team has been contacted for comment.

During an appearance on Fox News' Sean Hannity show on Tuesday, McEnany presented a wad of papers believed to be the affidavits, which she said proved that voter fraud had occurred.

"We keep hearing the drumbeat of, 'Where is the evidence?' Right here, Sean, 234 pages of sworn affidavits, from real people, real allegations, signed with notaries," she said.

"In one county, Wayne County, Michigan, there was a batch of ballots, 60 percent had the same signatures, 35 had no voter record but were counted anyway, 50 ballots were run multiple times through a machine. One woman said her son was deceased but somehow still voted.

"This is one county where our poll watchers were threatened with racial harassment, pushed out of the way, and Democratic challengers were handing out documents saying how to distract GOP challengers."

She made the comments the day after Fox News cut off a live broadcast of one of her press conferences while she claimed Democrats had been "welcoming illegal voting."

"Unless she has more details to back that up, I can't in good countenance continue showing you this," Fox News' Neil Cavuto said.

Armed Trump supporters take part in a demonstration at the Michigan State Capitol building on November 07, 2020, in Lansing, Michigan. Affidavits that are meant to detail allegations of voter fraud in Michigan include a poll worker saying it was odd that members of the military voted for Joe Biden. John Moore//Getty