Terrier Buried Alive in Rabbit Hole for 56 Hours Found by 'Earth Dog'

A missing dog has been found after being buried alive in a rabbit hole for 56 hours, discovered only after a neighbor heard a "tiny bark" underground.

Terrier Flossie went missing on Monday morning in Devon, England, but was found almost three days later, thanks to the combined help of her family, a neighbor, and fellow "earth dogs."

To the surprise of her family, Flossie was found blocked into a rabbit hole deep underground.

Flossie's owner Poppy Joy Vernon shared the story to TikTok in a now-viral video, gaining over 800,000 views and melting hearts online simultaneously.

"We knew she likes going down rabbit holes so we assumed she had got stuck," explained Vernon in the video. Clips showed a man with his arm down the rabbit hole, searching for Flossie. A relieved "yep" indicated the moment she was eventually found.

"There are hundreds of rabbit holes around our house so we didn't even know where to start," continued Vernon. The family used underground cameras, sat by each and every hole calling Flossie's name and even searched at night, but their efforts reaped no rewards.

"We started to lose hope until a man contacted us who had earth dogs, who have trackers and go down rabbit holes and search for animals."

The earth dogs however were unable to find Flossie, and it was instead down to a moment of sheer luck, when a neighbor heard a "tiny bark" coming from underground in the field next to them.

"We called the man back with his earth dogs and after more hours of searching, our beautiful Flossie was found. She had been buried for a total of 56 hours," wrote Vernon.

The man piled out the dirt from the hole, showing Flossie's head peering out, before being pulled completely out and rushing into her owner's arms.

According to Vernon, Flossie had accidentally buried herself alive, after crawling down the rabbit hole. Unlike most holes, this one had only an entrance and no exit, meaning Flossie attempted to dig out but unintentionally threw the dirt behind her as she did, making a blockage of the entrance hole too.

Terriers like Flossie are known to be excellent at finding and entering rabbit holes, and are more than able to burrow underground with ease. Terriers were in fact bred to do exactly that, as rabbit-hunting dogs in their origins, and it is in their nature to go after rabbits and other small creatures.

Their name is derived from an old French term meaning "earth" with the ability to wriggle through thick earth a specialty.

In 2021, a Terrier in Littleton, Colorado, was rescued by firefighters from underneath the family home after it chased a rabbit down a hole.

The dog was trapped underneath the house for 33 hours. While in 2010 in England, a Jack Russell Terrier was found in a rabbit hole after being missing for over two months.

Now, Flossie is "doing very well" but "withdrawn and not really herself," updated Vernon in a follow-up video to her TikTok account.

"She's lost quite a bit of weight. She's very boney, but she's doing really well. You'd never think she's been stuck in a hold for 56 hours."

Newsweek has contacted Poppy Joy Vernon for comment.

Yorkshire Terriers
Yorkshire Terriers are very affectionate dogs, as seen in this image. Flossie the terrier was found blocked into a rabbit hole deep underground, and eventually rescued after "tiny barks" were heard. Attila Fodemesi/Getty Images