'Modern Love' Season 2 Stars Explain 'Fragile Moment' at End of Andrew Rannells Episode

Modern Love is an Amazon series which follows the lives of various relationships, based on the New York Times column of the same name. Girls star Andrew Rannells wrote his own column, which he then adapted and directed for the second season of the show.

The story is an incredibly personal one to Rannells, telling a story of a second date encounter which was interrupted by news that his father had fallen into a coma.

In the episode, rather than just retelling the story, Rannells adapts it in a way which means both sides of the incident are seen, showing how two people living in the same moment can remember it entirely differently.

This is done through the pair running into each other unexpectedly, and each reminiscing on the strange encounter from some time before.

However, one thing fans have wanted was to know whether the two characters, Ben (played by Marquis Rodriguez and based on Rannells) and Robbie (Zane Pais, based on Rannells' date Brad) could ever actually try again after their date went so horribly wrong.

In an interview with Newsweek, both actors shed a light on whether it seemed possible for Ben and Robbie to ever reconnect.

For Rodriguez, the nature of New York means former acquaintances can often run into each other, but that should not mean the rekindling of an old relationship.

He said: "I feel like the reality of the situation is that, and I think I speak for a lot of New Yorkers... in New York, there is this thing that the city just gets smaller and smaller, the longer that you're in, and... you will run into someone.

"And even if you have the best memories in the world with them, there's this pressure that starts to build where you're like, 'Who's gonna say something first? Is it gonna be weird? If I say something? Do they remember me? How do they remember me?'

"And so I think that the reality of the situation for me is that they probably won't speak to each other afterward or try to find each other."

Andrew Rannells
Andrew Rannells at the "Modern Love" Season 2 Special Reception in New York City. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

For Rodriguez, they have moved on, living full lives, and "the acknowledgement in that moment... is sometimes enough."

He added: "That moment is so fragile that, I don't know about anybody else, but I wouldn't want to then reach out to the person and ruin that. I'd be like... 'I didn't want to cry after I walked past this person, it was actually very lovely.' Let it be."

Pais agreed, saying the most "generous" way to have done was to have smiled and let their moment pass.

He said: "I think in that look there's hopefully a feeling of mutual appreciation. And, 'Hey, that was tough, but here we are, and we're doing all right.' And I think it doesn't require anything more than that."

"It did ruin their night, you know, and that's just how it goes sometimes. I think it is really just a New York thing, I mean, I've I've walked past, you know, an ex on the street and had this kind of similar experience and just like a nod and like, 'Hey, how you doing?' look and just continuing onwards."

In his original essay, Rannells used the same word, 'generous' but said he felt his choice not to acknowledge his ex, Brad, was neither generous nor kind.

He wrote back in 2017: "We almost stopped but only nodded at each other, smiled awkwardly and kept going. I felt like I owed him an explanation, some ending to our story, but I just couldn't do it. I had to keep moving forward.

"I had straightened out much of what felt so wrong that night. I now had a job I was proud of, an apartment I was proud of. I had buried my father and in doing so had buried that whole chapter of my life. Which meant there could be no Brad, no trace of that time, of that night.

"It wasn't generous of me, or kind, but that's what I did."

However, ultimately in choosing to replay the memory in the series, Rannells is generous enough to give Brad the opportunity for his side of the story to be told.

Pais and Rodriguez explained how they saw the episode as two versions of the same moment, rather than approaching the story as two completely separate entities.

Pais, who played the role of Brad/Robbie, said: "I think we did really approach it like it was two different versions of the same, the same moment. You know, and we're still going to react as actors the same way off each other, and just let that kind of be an organic give and take.

"But, you know, in one of the takes, I [thought], 'How would I respond to this information in a way that I was making more about myself? Then how can I, you know, help?

"'How can I give this person what they need in this really hard moment? And then, you know, how am I feeling instead?"

Rodriguez added: "I think that's part of the reason I loved this script so much. I'm really interested in memory, and how we create these worlds for ourselves based on our own perceptions of things.

"And I think we marry ourselves to those ideas that we have created, but they're not necessarily a universal truth about yourself, or about the way you spoke, or about the way you interacted with someone because there's another human being involved that is perceiving things far differently from you, potentially, which means that they were living and existing in a completely different moment than you were.

"It blows my mind. And I think that was really fun to play with. We weren't necessarily saying 'This is what happened. And this is what another character thought happened.' This was these two people's experience. They had wildly different experiences, and there's no correct answer, because there were two flawed human beings involved."

As seen above, Rannells version of events also sees the pair crossing paths and not speaking, as a way to close the chapter on a very difficult time in his life. It seems his actors followed that same line of thinking in bringing his true story to life.

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Production still from Modern Love Season 2
A production still from 'Modern Love' Season 2. Zane Pais, Marquis Rodriguez and James Scully in "How Do You Remember Me?" Amazon Prime Video