Mom's Attempt to Sneak Out of Sleeping Baby's Crib Hilariously Backfires

A new mom has gone viral online after sharing a hilariously relatable moment when she was trying to get her baby to sleep.

The video is a great example of an experience most mothers know all too well—the determination to put a baby to sleep and keep it that way. In just six days, the footage has gained over 2 million views.

Renee Knox's baby had tonsillitis and was unable to "sleep well," meaning extra work for mom. "I gave her a bottle in the crib then snuck out. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do," she wrote.

For Knox though, the successful crib bottle trip started out well, but ended up as a viral moment, as she attempted to climb out of the crib in silence. Instead, Knox toppled straight over the edge, with her whole body getting trapped between the bed and crib.

In a follow-up video, Knox showed her exit maneuver as she lifted herself up onto the bed behind using her arms and feet, before rolling back onto it. It was, however, just as she silently left the room that her new baby awoke, something pointed out as a relatable experience to mothers in the comments.

Newsweek has contacted Renee Knox for comment.


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Preserving sleep is a vital mission for most new parents, as any mother or father will tell you, but research proves it too. According to one study by sleep brand Simba, new parents will get four hours and 44 minutes of sleep on an average night during their baby's first year.

The average parent will also spend 54 minutes a day attempting to get their baby to sleep, which totals almost 14 days in one year.

Parents will walk the equivalent of two miles in pacing when attempting to get their baby to sleep every night.

It's because of facts like these that so many parents could feel the non-physical pain of Knox and her failed attempt to escape the crib.

"Every parent watching this didn't care if you broke your spine. We were all just terrified you woke the baby," commented one entertained TikTok user.

"The really tired part of parenting nobody talks about," added another.

Earlier this month, another mom went viral for her honest parenting techniques in a similar fashion. The mom's sister-in-law took to TikTok in a bid to share the method used by the family to tell apart her identical triplet nephews.

The video, which gained over 16 million views, explained that the mom regularly paints their nails different colors to easily differentiate the triplets.

Mom watching baby sleep
File photo of a mom watching a baby sleeping. Getty Images