Mom's Epic Christmas Shopping Fail Sees Her Buy Giant 8-Foot Nutcrackers By Mistake

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving.

However, one woman has ended up with a little more than she bargained for this year after deciding to get herself in the festive spirit extra early.

That's according to Crimexnoir, a Twitter user who took to social media to reveal more about the massive mistake her mother made when shopping for decorations.

Evidently eager to deck the halls already, despite December still being several weeks away, the merry mom decided to purchase a couple of decorative nutcrackers to tie the room together.

The only problem was, she apparently failed to take note of the dimensions of the two nutcrackers.

Assuming they would be the normal doll-sized ornaments traditionally used to break assorted nut shells, when they arrived she was shocked to discover she had, in fact, purchased two life-size nutcrackers.

While mom was no doubt shocked at the sight of the two giant ornaments, her daughter evidently saw the funny side, taking to Twitter to share a snap of one of the pair.

"My mom ordered some nutcrackers online not realizing how big they were," she wrote.

"I have been laughing at this all day."

Though the mistake was the source of much amusement to the woman's daughter, the large models went down a storm on Twitter with Crimexnoir's snap shared over 12,000 times.

More importantly, the giant nutcracker was suddenly in demand.

"I made the mistake of showing this to my mama and now she wants the link," QueenOfKaraokee commented.

"OMG I HAVE A FRIEND WHO WOULD LOVE THIS AT THIS SCALE!" MicheleBYoung responded. "Where did she get it? Do you have a link?

Mskdd72 said: "You have made my night. Me and my son have debated and laughed about the need for these nutcrackers on the front porch. He's against it and is threatening to bear with a bat if I buy them."

According to a follow-up post, the Nutcrackers come from CostCo.

Meanwhile, the mistake was a relatable one for LilaFowler2017, who commented: "Tell your mom that she is NOT alone! I've never done it specifically with a Nutcracker, but constantly fail to check the measurements before buying things."

Some were skeptical, though, questioning how she could have bought what was most likely a vastly more expensive nutcracker. N0pe28594465 asked: "But how do you accidentally drop $649.99??"

However, tjjj1964 offered a logical explanation. "She may have not looked at the price right," he explained. "My mom once bought 10 pairs of size 9 shoes instead of 1 pair of size 10. Didn't realize it until a huge box came and her credit card was charged over a thousand dollars."

Regardless of the post's veracity, for Twitter user Dee Blaregold, the blunder was a source of some much needed amusement. "I awoke this morning with grief and doubts on my mind," they said. "The nutcracker reminded me to rebuke those thoughts and now, I can't stop laughing. Thanks for sharing!"

Newsweek has contacted Crimexnoir for comment.

While some are getting in the Christmas spirit early, others seem keen to hold off for as long as possible.

One Dallas bar, for example, earned the ire of the internet after introducing a strict limit on the number of times Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" can be played.

Elsewhere, in Cobb Count a judge banned local residents from partaking in the annual festive tradition of Elf on a Shelf.

A Nutcracker and a Christmas tree.
Stock image of a nutcracker and a Christmas tree, and one woman's unfortunate purchase of just such an item (well, perhaps a little bigger) is getting people in the Christmas mood. Michael Tancredi/Getty