Internet Fumes as Mom Demands Removal of Neighbor's Fence: 'Ridiculous'

A mom has sparked fury online after apparently requesting her neighbor remove a newly installed fence so her kids can freely roam both yards.

The neighbor took to popular forum Mumsnet in a bid to gain insight on how she should react and whether or not she should cave in. In her post, which received over 140 replies, she shared that they bought the house a few years ago and have made efforts to make the yard look nice, including a walkway and new patio, gaining compliments from neighbors.

Their two teen children sometimes play with the kids of their neighbors, neither of which they share a fence with, meaning the three yards are connected as one. Kids from both sides run through the yard to play and have at times ruined plants, she wrote, adding that this did not anger her.

"Essentially, we are the only house without a fence around our garden, soo...we planned a garden fence of roughly 1.5 m (1.64 yards) that would contain our garden and also form a natural boundary so kids won't run through. We have an open front garden that kids can still use to get from one house to the next, so we aren't cutting anyone off from visiting friends," she wrote in the post.

Two children on fence
Stock image of two children peering over a fence. Getty Images

According to the homeowner, they informed the neighbors of their plans to build a fence a year in advance, but they were met with anger when it finally happened this week.

"Yesterday, our neighbor mom of the six kids came crying (literally) to me that she's devastated about this fence because her kids love our yard so much and they love running through it and as we are higher elevation, our fence makes it impossible to watch her kids from her lower yard. She is 'shocked' she wasn't consulted about the design. Her husband called my husband to demand we take it down," wrote the homeowner.

"We refused. We know we are within our rights by law to this fence. Everyone else already has a garden fence. We aren't responsible for accommodating her parenting needs. We desire more privacy, a rabbit-free garden and a boundary to keep kids from plants. Should we give in to demands to keep the peace? She's obviously distressed, but her husband has been a jerk in the past, so we fear this is clouding our position to stay firm."

Arguments with neighbors occur often but rarely over such demands to remove private fences. One study by found that 36 percent of people have had arguments with neighbors, with a quarter having had long-running feuds.

Thanks to the out-there demands made by the neighbors however, this argument is seemingly supported on only one side with users favoring the homeowner and her decision to keep the fence.

"If the fence is on your land then there is nothing she can do. Silly woman. Her kids will have to use their own garden and only come into your yard when it suits you," wrote one user.

"Doesn't matter how much her kids love running through your yard. It's your property, not hers, and you can do with it what you want. Keep the fence, stay calm but firm," advised another.

Others hinted at the reason she wants the fence to go so bad, citing the free childcare she gets with its absence. "She's going to miss out on a bit of free childcare where she doesn't have to supervise them and 'borrowing' your very nice sounding garden," a user wrote.

One user summarized the views of many, noting simply: "She and her husband are being ridiculous."