Internet Divided As Mom 'Devastated' Step-Mom Took Teen Shopping for Prom

The internet is divided after a mom admitted she was "devastated" her only daughter went prom dress shopping with her step-mom instead of her.

The mom poured her heart out online over the situation, taking to Mumsnet under username Sadma. She explained she and her 16-year-old had been planning their big day out for a while.

The mom of one said it was "an experience I've looked forward to for a long time. Special days out we had planned for the Easter holidays, having researched and researched colors, styles, hair to match and looking forward to the magical day shopping with my girl, seeing her try on her first formal gowns, have the emotional rite of passage together.

But she was heartbroken to discover the teen had gone with her step-mom instead, raging: "In an appointment lasting little over an hour, buying a dress on sale from the 2019 sale collection which only fits the color remit and taken what should have been our magical experience and memories made to last a lifetime.

"Step Mum has her own children to do this with when the time comes."

She claims she was fine with the other woman booking her daughter's tan and nails for the event, this summer, but she wanted the "the jewel of the crown," trying on dresses, to be just between her and her daughter.

The mom asked if it was unreasonable "to believe it's Mum's honor to prepare her daughter for prom?"

She continued: "Can't help but feel so upset. That first moment can never happen once it's happened..... the first glimpse and to see her face trying dream dresses on. The one moment that can't be recreated let alone replicated now the dress has been bought.

"If we go again to try dresses and she finds something she likes better ( chances are she probably would bearing in mind the dress bought doesn't fit) and buy it, world war will commence with my daughter in the middle of it. I always bend for the sake of peace, but this is something else.......... The one time in 16 years I don't feel I can let it slide."

The mom's post, shared on Tuesday, has amassed more than 250 responses, and can be read here, as people were divided over the step-mom's actions.

HappySonHappyMum commented: "No you're not being unreasonable but why on earth did your daughter go along with it? Did she realise you were so invested in it all?"

TopTabby thought: "You are definitely not BU & I feel so sad for you!! Dd2's Prom was cancelled in 2020 & the dress never worn but I've always said at least we had the lovely day out choosing it. This is massively overstepping the mark on something that was important to you."

Whatalovelydaffodil said: "Yes of course stepmum should not have done this!"

DefiniteTortoise admitted: "OK, I can't empathise at all re prom. However it does sound like you were looking forward to doing something with your daughter and now that experience has been effectively stolen from you. I'd be a bit gutted too I think."

Sofakingcool raged: "Ah what a s***** thing for her to do. I would have been gutted too."

While IVFdreams2021 thought: "I'm a step mum and I do think that is overstepping. I'm sorry OP."

CremeEggThief pointed out: "Well, Mum's honor sounds very OTT, but there's no way I would stand for that as a parent! Take the dress back and go and get the one your DD wants."

But some thought she was overreacting, as PoshWatchShitShoes said: "I think you're being overly dramatic!! Enjoy the prep and waving her off on the day of the event."

HaggisBurger thought: "You seem a little ... overinvested & overwrought ! To put it mildly. It's not her wedding dress."

DuckyNoMates thought: "You're being very dramatic. But yes she's overstepped a bit but at 16 your daughter should be able to say no, I want to go with mum if that's what she wants. She's learnt a valuable lesson."

While DragonMamma added: "Bloody hell. How over dramatic is this?! I thought you were in about her wedding dress, not her prom dress. It's a shitty thing for her stepmother to do but you need to keep it in perspective OP. 'Mum's honor' really did make me."

And Fairislefandango added: "Dear lord. It's a dress. For a school party. Being a bit disappointed, maybe. This level of drama and devastation is ridiculous."

A 2015 study by Visa found the average cost of a prom for an American household was $324.

"Costs include, attire, limousine rental, tickets, flowers, pictures, food, accommodations, after party, etc," the survey said.

File photo of girls at prom.
File photo of girls at prom. a mom raged her teen's step-mom took her dress shopping instead. Jupiterimages/Getty Images