Internet Sides With Mom Being 'Bullied' by Teen Stepdaughter Who Told Her to 'Go Die'

A woman has confessed that her relationship with her stepdaughter has broken down and she feels she is being "bullied" by the teenager.

The mom explained that her partner has two daughters from a previous relationship, aged 11 and 13. They also have three children together—one aged 5 and two 3-year-olds.

The couple share custody of his two daughters with the girls' mother, but the woman said the 13-year-old was making her life a misery.

In a lengthy post on Mumsnet under the username Ashlea22, she explained that she was in her "late 20s" and much younger than the girls' mom, which she thought might have contributed to the problem.

She wrote that the teenager is "obsessed with her dad that's only way to say it, but he's literally the best thing since sliced bread to her and can't do any wrong. So originally I assumed you know, evil step mum taking dad away narrative is normal maybe for young kids?"

The woman went on to describe the girl's behavior, saying: "She screams at me constantly, I mean screams! In my face in front of my family, friends it doesn't matter who.

"It's always been this way, I stopped tidying her room because she would go mental that I touched her things.

"Bad words like I've never called anyone half the things she calls me daily, I regularly get called a b****, a**hole, witch, horrible, I get told to f*** off, or worse once to go die.

"She has slammed doors actually on me, pushed me, once she slapped my back as I was leaving her room, she puts horrible TikToks up about me, she tells people I abuse the pets and her, that I don't feed her."

The teenager also makes up "lies" about her mom's boyfriend, according to her stepmother.

Ashlea22 wrote that the girl won't get in the car if she's sitting in the front, and will "physically try to push me" if she's sitting next to her father anywhere.

"She says I ignore her, that she doesn't get anything, she says the most horrific things about me and to me, she has called me a retard because I have an impairment."

Redecorating her room turns into "a huge tantrum screaming, swearing I was so upset," she said, while on her 13th birthday, after changing her mind about a party, she said the girl went to "lock herself in the bathroom and tell me to f*** off."

Now the anger is extending to her younger siblings, as the teenager has begun to "physically hurt" them, the woman said.

"She threatens them, screams at them If I ever try to give her into trouble for something, it results in world war 3," Ashlea22 wrote.

The younger children have started to mimic her bad behavior, she added. "What upsets me most is my kids have started to copy the way she treats me and they have started swearing at me to get what they want, say I'm horrible, a bad mum that they hate me too."

Ashlea22 said she felt she was being "bullied" by the girl, and talking to her partner of seven years hadn't improved the situation.

"He agrees she shouldn't be doing that nothing's done apart from a shouting match between him/her.

"It will normally end in an argument between me and him, I'm literally at the point of leaving only thing that worries me is her behavior towards the kids," she said.

Ashlea22 also claimed she had tried to get professional help for her stepdaughter, who had told her she was depressed, but to no avail.

The post, shared on Friday, has already received more than 100 responses, with many commenters encouraging the woman to walk away and criticizing her partner for not tackling the problem.

LadyPropane wrote: "Wow. Honestly, I'd leave. No one deserves to live like this."

Bogeyes agreed, saying: "I'm afraid I would leave. Your partner should support you. Has he forgotten it's his daughter? Yes... I would leave."

Sweetpeasaremadeofcheese commented: "You should have left a long time ago. You teach people how to treat you. This is on her parents but it's on you too. You shouldn't have had kids in this situation."

Pictish thought: "Gosh this is dreadful. You're being abused by a child. What on earth has your husband to say about her wretched behaviour? And her mother, for that matter? Not acceptable."

Geriatric1234 posted: "Your partner is absolutely despicable letting this happen. Leave. Run. You are absolutely being bullied. I don't know how you've coped this long. I'm so sorry."

According to the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne: "It's normal for teenagers to be moody and to show some disrespect and defiance as they go through hormonal changes and a period of brain development during puberty."

Factors such as lack of sleep, poor diet, too much screen time and mental health all have an impact on behavior.

But the hospital pointed out: "Ongoing challenging behaviour can indicate other health issues."

File photo of teenager on a bed.
File photo of teenager on a bed. A woman has posted on Mumsnet about her stepdaughter screaming and swearing at her, as well as slamming doors on her and pushing her. tommaso79/Getty Images

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