Internet Backs Mom Firing Nanny for Taking Personal Day on First Day in Job

A working mom has been urged to fire her new nanny after she took time off for personal reasons on her very first day in the job.

Independent policy institute The Center for American Progress estimates the cost of child care at $1,300 per month for families with an infant or $16,000 a year on average.

With so much being outlaid on childcare, nurseries, nannies and carers are coming under increased scrutiny from parents eager to ensure they are getting what they paid for. And if they are not up to scratch, today's parents have little issue with making a swift change as a recent story shared to Mumsnet by a concerned mom demonstrates.

Writing under the username Nikster1986, a working mother explained how half an hour before she was due to arrive on her first day, their new nanny sent a text saying her mom was "taking her dog to the vet today."

Therefore she needed to stay at home and "take care of her brother who wasn't in school at the moment because his grandpa died last week."

Though the working mom said she could "sympathize" with her new employee's situation, she was unimpressed with how the nanny dealt with it. "She hasn't offered a solution, just said that was the case," she wrote. "She didn't even ask, are we OK if she doesn't come, just stated it as fact."

Matters were made worse when she discovered the nanny also works nights at a restaurant to make ends meet. "I do wonder if she is just plain tired and doesn't want to spend the day with an energetic 1-year-old," she said. "We need a reliable nanny; my husband works away so I need the support as my eldest has some additional development challenges."

Now back at work, the woman thinks they "should cut our losses straight away" by firing the nanny and start looking for someone else. But while her solution may seem extreme, many responding felt that it was the best course of action.

"I think she's made it pretty clear that you're not a priority," Luckywithmylot wrote. "You have to let her go as this isn't going to be a one off." MadeForThis wrote "I would fire her," with FinallyFree2022 adding: "She'd be out if it was my house."

GreenWheat urged the woman to "go with your gut instinct" and get rid of her. "Don't open yourself up to a litany of excuses, let her go now," they said. "What a very thin excuse for letting you down."

OohRahhMaki pointed out "this is supposed to be her first day," warning "if she is happy to pull this on day one, what will she be like after a few months?" Itwasntaparty, meanwhile, commented: "It's the first day, surely you do everything you can to get there, it will only get worse."

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

Another mom recently went viral after going on an explosive rant about "unreliable" nannies. Elsewhere, a husband detailed the dilemma he and his wife faced after learning their nanny earns just $65 a day.

Two women arguing.
Stock image of two women arguing. An anxious mother has been backed after deciding to fire her nanny after just one day in the job. princigalli/Getty