Mom Who Wants To Give Daughter's Puppy Away Divides Internet: 'Am I Satan?'

A mother-of-one has been reminded "a dog should be for life" after it emerged she is planning to give away the family's 10-month-old puppy.

In a Mumsnet post that has split opinion, the woman, writing as usuallyquiet1, said she had taken the decision to give up her 4-year-old daughter's first pet after "struggling to get used to life with a dog."

Though she acknowledged the puppy, who is a Cockapoo, is "so sweet natured and generally lovely," her main issues are that they are not able to leave the dog alone in the house for "more than 3 hours" and her daughter "can't have any toys downstairs anymore."

A little girl and a puppy.
Stock image of a little girl and a puppy - a mom has divided opinion after revealing she intends to give her young daughter's puppy away. Lisa5201/Getty

An estimated 3.1 million dogs enter animal shelters in the U.S. every year, according to the ASPCA. The most recent National Rehoming Survey from the animal welfare charity found that 47 percent of dogs who were rehomed were moved on as a result of "pet problems."

This term can refer to a variety of problematic behaviors or aggressions. Sometimes dogs grow larger than expected or suffer from health issues their owners are ill-equipped to handle.

That's not the case for the woman and her family in this contentious viral post. "We are first time dog owners and I've done that typical thing of not knowing what I was getting into," the mom wrote.

The woman said she wrongly assumed the dog and her young daughter "would play together." However, in reality, looking after the young puppy has taken up much of her daughter's free time while the dog himself "chews up anything in sight."

Her dog's trainer has now offered to take the puppy off their hands after just eight months together. The mom is seriously considering it but is worried her daughter and husband may never "forgive" her.

"Am I Satan if I give away our daughter's first pet for the sanity of the family?" she asked.

The response was more divided than some may have expected.

Of course, plenty were quick to condemn any suggestion the woman get rid of the puppy. "A dog should be for life," KarmaStar said. "He just loves you all and wants to be part of the family. You turn him out and he will wonder what he's done wrong."

"Why on earth do people get dogs without researching and even looking after a friend's dog for a week to see?" VikingA asked. "I could never give my dog away because he's like my kid."

MindyMomo wrote: "Getting a puppy is difficult, but your daughter will soon be in school each day, so you will have plenty of time to spend with the dog. You feel your daughter is missing out on lots of things, but she's gaining so much from having a pet."

Ifitdoesntmakesense, meanwhile, commented: "Poor dog, it's so frustrating hearing people say I didn't realize how hard it was or getting puppies then expecting them to 'grow out' of certain behavior and buying puppies because they look cute rather than researching which breed has requirements that fit lifestyles."

Despite the critics, however, plenty could see the situation from the mom's perspective.

"I think if your trainer is offering to have him then that is a really good solution," Peterpiperpickedwrongagain said. "At least you know where he is going and that he will be looked after."

GobletofFire agreed, writing: "Ultimately, if you can't give the dog what it needs and your life is being unduly affected, then rehome."

EmmaKenny echoed those sentiments commenting: "Give the dog away and prioritize your child. She should be able to have toys downstairs and have a life without a dog dictating it."

GunnersGold said ultimately the woman needed to think about the long term. "I grew up with dogs and horses and they are such a tie," they wrote. "The dog could live another 15 years depending on breed so do you think you want that for so long?"

Newsweek has contacted usuallyquiet1 for comment.