Mom Shares Hilarious Tip to Keep Toddlers in Bed at Night—Using a Goose

Any parents of small kids are probably sleep-deprived, whether it's soothing children after having a nightmare, wiping a snotty nose or fighting monsters under the bed.

Sometimes youngsters stay in their own bedroom and make a mess, or they go wandering around the house and end up in your bed.

But one mom may have come up with a hilarious method to keep kids in their own rooms, and it uses the most unlikeliest of objects—a plastic goose.

Mom Taylor shared a clip to her TikTok page, @taytertot95, imparting one of her "parenting tips."

It seems she set up a camera in her hallway, ready to capture her toddler's inevitable attempt at escape.

But as he opens the door, a life-size plastic goose is waiting for him, as he quickly slams the door shut, with a muffled scream heard from inside.

While there are stifled giggles in the background of the video, most likely from Taylor.

The mom, who confirmed her other child was also in the room, and can be seen on the top bunk, said in the clip: "Tip #317: How to use a plastic goose to keep your toddlers in bed."

She captioned it "follow me for more parenting hacks," while adding the hashtags #parentingtips #parentinghacks #bedtime.

The hilarious video has been seen more than 9 million times, and can be watched here, since being posted last week, and left fellow parents in stitches.

LoriandSteffo joked: "Adult therapist: So tell me when your irrational fear of water fowl started?"

Miss Conception quipped: "That's so fowl."

"Just imagining when they grow up and they are reminiscing with friends 'wait you guys didn't have a goose that sat outside your room at night?!'" Megan Kerin wrote.

Kmei465 praised: "Simple but very effective."

Katerinamarie commented: "Will be forever terrified of geese."

"That's so messed up, I'm trying it tonight," said Stephanie Hilton.

Although Sarah Davis admitted: "My dad used a plastic lobster."

While Taylor didn't specify how old her children are, health website the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) indicates those aged between 1 and 2 need 11 to 14 hours sleep, and children between 3 and 5 require between 10 and 13 hours sleep.

And website explained why some children wake up in the night, citing discomfort, separation anxiety or nightmares.

It also advised: "Time spent with screens (like a TV or tablet) can disrupt a child's sleep. Is there too much noise coming from another room? Toddlers will learn to sleep with some noise, but a loud TV or too much conversation close by can be disrupting.

"Check for other causes of your toddler's night-time awakenings. Toddlers often push off the covers at night, so in the colder months you might want to dress your child in heavy pyjamas for warmth."

Newsweek reached out to Taylor for comment.

File photo of a child in bed.
File photo of a child in bed. A mom has revealed how a goose keeps her toddlers staying in their rooms. Image Source/Getty Images