Mom Lives To Regret Leaving Tub of Antiseptic Cream Within Toddler's Reach

A young mom has learned a valuable—and very messy—lesson about keeping things out of reach of small children.

It's a familiar enough tale to any parent out there. You absentmindedly leave something somewhere where it shouldn't be and your young child immediately spots it.

For mother and Twitter user Alba McGuinness from Dublin, the offending item was a rather large container of the antiseptic cream brand Sudocrem.

The offender, meanwhile, was her young toddler Evie who, after finding the tub within her grasp, took full advantage.

Thankfully for the internet, her mom saw the funny side enough to share the wild results on social media.

As the accompanying video shows, Evie went to town with the Sudocrem, rubbing it all over her face, hair and hands.

The six-second clip shows Evie making hay with the antiseptic cream, squishing it between her fingers while glancing over gleefully at her audibly stunned mother.

McGuinness' response brings to mind the old adage: if you don't laugh, you'll cry.

And while McGuinness may have lost a considerable amount of antiseptic cream as a result of her daughter's antics, her loss has ended up being the internet's gain.

At the time of writing, the tweet chronicling this chaotic and heavily cream-laden scene has racked up over 900,000 views along with more than 2,000 retweets and 29,000 likes.

Plenty of fellow Twitter users saw the funny side in it all.

"Oh how I love kids, the innocence of them," Tom Salter responded. "If any of mine had done that, I would have died of laughter."

"OMG this is brilliant," Verity Jane said, adding ominously "that will be a nightmare to get off." Lloyd Jones was a particular fan of Evie's expression, which they felt gave off a vibe of "and wtf are you gonna do about it."

Parents flocked to share their own horror stories of children reaching for things they shouldn't.

Mulenga1212121 wrote: "I once picked up my once 3 year old son from nursery and left him to his own devices. The feeling of dread hit me after a few minutes.

"I went to check on him to be met with a grease petroleum covered monster. I was weak with anger/rolling on the floor laughing."

Others felt pictures spoke louder than words.

There was Zoe, who went through similar, if not worse, with her mom.

Elsewhere, this boy's parents had a nightmare trying to get him clean.

There was also another Evie who endured the same scenario.

Meanwhile, this boy managed to ruin a sofa after getting his hands on the Sudocrem.

While arguably the worst case came courtesy of this poor tot who ended up being ambushed by their sibling and another pal with predictably pasty results.

As bad as McGuinness and Evie may have had it, it could have been worse.

Newsweek has contacted McGuinness for comment.

According to Megan Mattes over at, it's crucial from an early age to teach toddlers "that messes and cleanups go hand in hand."

In a situation like this, Mattes recommends parents encourage their children to engage in basic cleaning up tasks like wiping up messes with paper towels.

"These simple tasks will introduce him to the concept of responsibility while developing crucial skills," she explained.

This video comes hot on the heels of similarly adorable footage like this clip of a toddler chatting to a cactus and another featuring a young child with a unique habit for hiding random items inside his onesie.

A baby with yogurt on their face.
Stock image of a toddler with food on their face. A mom was left ruing her error after leaving her young child alone with a giant tub of Sudocrem. Vladimir Zlotnik/Getty

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