Husband Dragged for 'Tantrum' Over 5-Year-Old Daughter Wearing Nail Polish

A mother has asked users of the U.K.-based online forum Mumsnet if she was unreasonable for painting her 5-year-old daughter's toe nails after her husband objected.

User LittleMissEs said: "We are off on holiday tomorrow, I painted my daughters toe nails, DH [dear husband] thrown a tantrum and told me to remove it talking about it being inappropriate etc, I tried to compromise suggesting to change it to clear purple glitter husband is adamant he wants it off before our trip tomorrow.

"AIBU to refuse to remove it.... Is it such a big deal? I mean I couldn't care less if her toes are painted or not, she asked I obliged."

How Young is Too Young?

According to a 2019 study by YouGov, a U.K. data analytics company, almost 7 out of 10 men think that children shouldn't be allowed to use any cosmetic makeup until they are 16.

The study quizzed 1,629 parents about the issue, and showed an overwhelming unanimity that children under 5 should not be allowed to wear makeup; 0 percent said it was in no way acceptable.

children make up
Stock image of a little girl wearing nail polish. A survey found that 7 out of 10 men don't think that children should wear any makeup. Getty Images

Kim Kardashian was slammed in 2019 for letting her daughter North wear lipstick to a church service. Tori Spelling, Jessica Simpson, and Beyoncé have also come under fire for letting their children play with makeup from a young age.

In an interview about the subject, Kardashian has said, "I already know North is into makeup for sure. She had friends over this weekend and some of her girlfriends came and they were just all in her room, giving themselves makeovers... It's a form of expression. I want her to express herself, but I want her to be appropriate too."

'Utterly Ridiculous'

In the case of LittleMissEs, 93 percent of Mumsnet users agreed with her, saying that her husband is being unreasonable for having an issue with her painting their daughter's nails. "It's like dress up I don't see the issue whatsoever" said one user, while another agreed, "Your DH is being utterly ridiculous."

"What an oddball" said one user, "Tell him I regularly painted my 2 year old BOY's FINGER nails!! Pink too! He may explode!!!!", while another agreed: "Thrown a tantrum?! Is he 5? I've done it for DD [dear daughter] whenever she asks since she was about 3. Always glittery or pink and only on her toes. I wouldn't stand for DH tell me I couldn't."

One user had an alternative opinion: "I actually disagree with most, I think 5 is too young. You say you painted them - did she ask to have it done or did you offer it? If she asked then I'd be inclined to leave it on now it's on. If you did it for your own amusement then I'd remove it."