Mom Praised for Kicking Out Guest Who Screamed at Daughter: 'Unhinged'

The internet has sided with a woman who kicked her friend out of her home after she yelled at her daughter.

On Sunday, Reddit user Secure-Ad5583 shared the story on the popular Reddit forum r/AmITheA**hole (AITA) where it has received thousands of upvotes and comments.

In the post, Secure-Ad5583 explained: "I had a long-time friend, 'Mary', stay at my house this past week for a visit. Mary lives in a city three hours away and I live in the country on 20 acres so she wanted to come on a vacation to catch up and unwind. Things went great for the most part until she woke up early one morning. This is when the problem started."

The Redditor explained that she has a 9-year-old daughter named Lori who comes out on the porch every morning when she wakes up with a cup of tea and a book to read.

Girl sitting on porch looking at camera
A file photo of a young girl sitting on a porch. The internet has slammed a woman who shouted at a 9-year-old after finding her sitting alone outdoors. Nick White/Getty Images

"I don't mind this," explained the mom. "She never leaves the porch and I have a ring camera so we had a discussion on rules around it, and as long as she continues as she has, her dad and I don't mind."

But one morning while staying at the home, Mary woke up early.

"I woke up to the camera as usual and saw Lori on the porch and dozed back off," explained the Redditor. "I woke up again to the camera and screaming. I checked the camera and rushed outside as Mary was yelling at Lori."

When reaching the porch, the poster found her friend yelling and her daughter in tears.

"Mary asked me if I knew Lori was outside when no one was awake. I told her yes and sorry for forgetting to tell her about this. I told her it's ok and Lori does this every morning."

But the house guest did not take it well.

"Mary yelled that this was abuse as Lori was too young to be outside without supervision. I told her I think it'd be best if she left. She packed up and left within the hour."

Following the incident, the Reddit user revealed that her husband felt she was in the wrong for kicking Mary out when she was just concerned for her daughter, reminding her that Mary was from the city where it isn't as safe.

The poster asked: "AITA?"

When it comes to leaving children home alone, only three U.S. states currently have laws regarding the minimum age allowed. It is 14 years old in Illinois, while it is eight in Maryland and ten in Oregon.

The U.S. Government's Child Welfare department put out a fact sheet for families in 2018 where it offered advice on children and independence. It said: "Children face real risks when left unsupervised. Those risks, as well as a child's comfort level and ability to deal with challenges must be considered."

Child Welfare says that parents should always consider the wider picture before leaving their child unsupervised. This includes age, maturity, ability to follow rules and thinking about how they respond to unfamiliar situations.

But Reddit users headed to the comments and overwhelmingly sided with the mom. One said said: "NTA. Even if your daughter was doing something wrong, she should never have screamed at her. That's enough to kick her out alone."

Another Redditor wrote: "Your friend sounds unhinged. 9 is plenty old enough to sit on the porch and read."

"I get the concern about your child," said another comment. "But it isn't her place to yell at her and then you about it. She is a friend and a guest in your house, she doesn't get a free pass to disrespect your child."

"Friend from the city should mind her own damn business," wrote a different commenter. "Talk about child abuse, ruining your daughter's amazing start to her day. Can I join her? Is there coffee?"

One commenter pointed out that there was definitely a better way for the woman to handle her concern and wrote: "A true concerned friend would sit out there with the child and make sure they're okay. Was kicking your friend out the right response? Yes. She made your daughter feel violated and unsafe in her own home. You needed to fix that."

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