Mom Raging 'Naked Neighbors' Sunbathing Are Ruining Her Backyard Slammed

The internet has slammed a mom for complaining about her neighbor's sunbathing habits, branding her reaction as "unreasonable."

Shared on the popular discussion site Mumsnet on Wednesday, the parent expressed her upset about what she called her "naked neighbors."

The poster explained: "The fence that belongs to our neighbor is only a low wire for half the yard and then one panel that [is] rotting and falling down, and a large gap that we have to cover with a huge plant pot to keep their dog out of our backyard."

The neighbors are in the middle of renovations but have not replaced the fence and their behavior in their backyard has upset the mom.

Neighbor sunbathing complains
A file photo of a woman enjoying relaxing on a sun lounger, left, and a picture of a neighbor looking through the blinds, right. The internet has slammed a mom for complaining about her neighbor's sunbathing habits. Creatas Images/zefart/Getty Images

"They sit out all day long in their underwear sunbathing," wrote the Mumsnet user. "My children can't use the paddling pool, I can't even yard because it feels too awkward. For seven years I've felt like I've shared a yard."

Unable to afford to replace the fence themselves, the poster asked: "It is unreasonable to ask that they replace their broken fence seeing as they insist on sunbathing half-naked every day?"

According to a study commissioned by, 36 percent of people have had issues with neighbors that have escalated into full arguments, while a quarter say that they have a long-running feud with the person next door.

Over 40 percent of respondents said that they try and avoid their neighbors intentionally, while 16 percent said they have actually moved house because of a bad neighbor.

But other Mumsnet users could not see the issue, overwhelmingly siding with the sunbathing neighbors.

"You are being ridiculous, why shouldn't they enjoy their garden," said one commenter. "Just ignore, don't see the big deal with this."

Another user replied: "They're not naked. They're as covered up as you would be wearing swimwear. You would not be unreasonable to offer to split the costs of a new fence. But you would be unreasonable to demand they pay to replace it because their bodies offend your delicate sensibilities."

"I assume your children are never taken to a beach," said another Mumsnet user. "They might see people in bikinis! Ridiculous."

"They're not naked, but even if they were, so what?" asked another commenter. "We all have bodies, it does kids good to see they come in all different shapes and sizes. Stop being so uptight."

One commenter shared their neighbor experience and wrote: "Couldn't see a problem with this, one of our neighbors—she's 92—is currently sunbathing sporting a thong bikini, good on 'em."