Mom Shares Clever Hack To Dry Clothes Fast Using a Bedsheet

Waiting for washing to dry is a long and boring experience, especially if you don't have a dryer.

However, this does not have to be the case because TikTok user Laura Williams has shared her hack for speeding up the process—and it has so far gained more than 708,900 views.

Posting to the app on October 30, 2021, via her account Cleaning_at83, the woman showcased the impressive method.

But what exactly does it entail?

Well, while hanging up the clothes Williams explained the method: "Everyone hates waiting for their clothes to dry on the airer, am I right?

"Here's a little hack to get those clothes dry quicker. Put the airer next to a radiator, cover it with a sheet, tuck the other end of the sheet in the back of the radiator and then make sure the heating is on."

Williams captioned the informative video, which can be watched here, writing: "Hack for drying your clothes FASTER [star-eyed emoji] #viral #hack #lifehack #laundry #fyp #foryou #cleaningat83 #foryou."

The useful hack has gained lots of traction on the social media site, having attracted more than 16,800 likes and 2,600 shares.

Additionally, many people have also headed to the comments section to share their praise for the clever tip.

One TikTok user, Wildlife in Yorkshire typed: "That's a great idea. I just put mine straight on the radiators in winter, but I am only washing for one, you could never do that with a family."

Another person, User9535239716184, added: "That's a good hack… Wish I'd have known this when mine were little."

Rachel Cave typed: "I did this the other day by accident as was doing the bed sheet too [smiley-face emoji] it works!!"

Ruth Davidson stated: "I did this for years before I bought a dryer."

However not everyone was overjoyed by the hack including an account called Lennon&McCartney who admitted: "Omg [oh my god] I couldn't live without my dryer I'm so lazy! [smiley-face emoji].

"I know in the UK it's not common to have one… [shocked-face emoji]."

Forever_battling_laundry suggested: "Stick it on an extra spin cycle too, saves a lot of drying time!"

Richard Foley727 mused: "Easiest way is to get a dehumidifier, it does the clothes faster and stops any mold on the house."

Recently, another creative hack on TikTok showcased a method for peeling potatoes without using any kitchen utensils.

Mom-of-two Shannon Doherty, known on TikTok as @athomewithshannon, posted the hack on November 3, 2021 and it has so far gained more than 258,400 views. But what do you need? Just a stove, some ice and your bare hands!

woman doing laundry
A stock image of a woman doing laundry. One video on TikTok went viral because it showcased a hack for helping clothes dry faster. iStock

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