Woman Shares 'Genius' Hack for Peeling Potatoes Without Using a Peeler

A woman's hack for peeling potatoes without using a peeler has gone viral online.

Shannon Doherty, a mother of four known on TikTok as @athomewithshannon, posted her method on November 3, with the caption: "GENIUS POTATO PEELING HACK," alongside a light-bulb emoji.

Doherty, who has 1.1 million followers on the app, added: "Follow along for more HOLIDAY Hacks & Ideas! #hacks #lifehack."

In the comments section, she also explained that the method was "such a great hack for all your holiday cooking!!"

But what exactly does the clever trick entail?

Well, the video begins with Doherty standing in her kitchen wearing a grey sweater and purple headband as she peels potatoes while shaking her head.

Text overlaying the footage reads: "Have you been peeling your potatoes wrong? Here is an easy holiday hack."

The camera then cuts to the mom-of-four putting potatoes in a pot of bubbling water, before then adding them to a vat of icy water.

She explains: "Boil your potatoes with the skin on until their soft, *shock* them in ice water and the skin peels right off."


BEST POTATO PEELING HACK 💡 Follow along for more HOLIDAY Hacks & Ideas! #hacks #lifehack

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The easy-to-follow method has gained lots of traction online, having been viewed 245,000 times and attracted over 5,200 likes.

Many people left comments beneath the video, which can be watched here, sharing their delight at the simple hack.

One TikTok user, Kelsey Rose, wrote: "You can do this with all the vegetables pretty much and tomatoes."

Another person, Sarhoney418, added: "I love doing this. My husband thought I was crazy the first time I showed him."

Wimberley typed: "Wow! I've literally used a peeler my entire life!!"

Coco and Lala Boutique revealed: "So smart! Will be using this for Thanksgiving."

Ypfallon gushed: "Amazing. Definitely trying this potato hack!"

Jules remarked: "Genius! I never knew this! Thanks for the great hack!"

Candice Harrelson revealed: "So weird I went to culinary school and we did that with tomatoes but never potatoes lol."

However, this isn't the only clever hack that Doherty has shared to her TikTok account. The social media influencer which has over 30.2 million likes, is brimming with tips and tricks on how to make parenting and household chores that bit easier.

The U.S.-based star recently posted her trick for eating kiwis, as apparently, we've all been doing this wrong our entire life, as well as a way to organize your kitchen cupboards using just a baking sheet and some tape.

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A stock image of potatoes. A woman on TikTok has shared her "genius" method for peeling potatoes. Pixabay