Mom Shares Clever Trick to Make Bags of Potato Chips Reusable

If you aren't one for devouring a packet of potato chips in one sitting, you can use baby wipes to make the bag reusable.

No, we don't mean by wiping the chips clean and sanitizing the bag, but instead by making a neat opening and cleverly using a component of the wipe pack.

Shannon Doherty, a mother of four known on TikTok as @athomewithshannon, posted her clever trick for revamping bags of chips so they are mess-free and easy to access for children on August 14, with the caption: "Best MOM HACK! REUSABLE CHIPS!"

She then continued: "#momhacks #parentinghacks #familyhacks #learnhow #learnontiktok."

But how does one go about this?

Well the video, which can be watched here, begins with Doherty standing in her kitchen wearing a blue dress, and bejewelled headband.

Brandishing a packet of baby wipes the social media creator asks her followers: "What do you do with your empty baby wipes?

"Do not throw them out. Take the little plastic part off the top. It's sticky underneath."

She then peels off the hard plastic opening from the wipes, telling viewers to "then stick it on potato chips."

Next, Doherty takes a pair of scissors and cuts an opening in the bag of chips inside the bit that the lid is covering.

The clip then ends with the mother exclaiming: "Reusable and perfect for little hands. Share with everyone!"

The video is fast gaining traction online, having already been viewed by more than 113,300 people, and so far receiving 9,647 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their opinion on the clever hack.

One TikTok user, Cristy Alvarez993, wrote: "This is genius. Never thought of this. Love your vids. Thanks!"

Another person, User8568226304476, added: "That's so genius. Love your videos."

Issis Zuniga typed: "Oh my god that is such a genius I love to try this you're the best."

Roshanda gushed: "This is epic!!! Thank you."

Procreate commented: "You are one smart mom."

Hannahsnuggs2021 exclaimed: "You are just so amazing Shannon."

However, this is not the only useful tip that Doherty has shared.

Her TikTok account, which has more than 28.1 million likes, is full to the brim with clever tips and tricks to make parenting and home life a little easier.

She recently showcased a method for help fussy kids try new food as well as sharing a creative way to organize your kitchen cupboards using a baking sheet and some tape.

Bag of potato chips
A file photo of a packet of potato chips. On TikTok a mother has shared her creative method for making the chip bags reusable. Getty Images

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