Mom Shares 'Creepy' Hack to Get Child to Sleep—But It Terrifies Her Husband

Getting your child to go to sleep in their own bed can be hard work, but one mom on TikTok has shared her creative, and creepy, method for solving this issue.

No she didn't bribe her young son, or sing to him for hours.

Instead, she created a clone of herself using hair extensions and a toy monkey—fairly standard, really.

Meagan Michelle Allen, known online as Meggmichelle13, took to the video-sharing app on May 30 to share her ingenious hack, first explaining her frustrations that her toddler had been sleeping in her bed recently.

She said: "When you've slept in your 2 year old's bed for two weeks bc it's time for him to sleep in his own bed but he has separation anxiety but you really want a good night sleep so you make a 'clone' for 'support.'"

Allen then shared footage of herself wrapping long brown hair extensions around the head of a large monkey.

The camera then cuts to her son asleep in a cot, and she then places the monkey on the floor on top of a pillow with a blanket over it, so it appears as though she is sleeping.

Overlaid text to the video then reads: "So this will either go three ways - 1) my son will think it's me and go back to sleep.

"2) my son will go to cuddle 'me' and 'my hair' falls off and he screams bloody murder and scarred for life.

"3) I'll wake up, forget that I did it & wake the whole neighborhood up."

The video has since been viewed more than 1.9 million times, and has surpassed 293,000 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their views on the creative method.

One TikTok user, Catalina Ojedo, wrote: "Losing so much sleep you're gambling with trauma and I love it."

Another person, Kelsey, added: "Not me watching this while my year and a half old son had a death grip on my fair. This might work omg thank you."

Many were keen to find out if the hack actually is viable, with Paige Donaldson commenting: "Why did I never think about this I'll need an update."

Well, Allen did share an update in a later video, showing the child going back to sleep via a night-time camera.

However, before this, it absolutely terrified her husband. In the audio he can be heard saying: "Babe, what is that?! Get that out! What is that? What the f*** is that? Go get that, what the hell is that? What the f*** is that?"

When Allen then tells him it is a "monkey with my hair on," this does nothing by way of reassurance.

Her partner responds: "Oh my god, go get that, are you crazy? What are you trying to do to him? If he sees that and thinks—poor baby... he's going to crawl over to it and start screaming and be traumatized.

"He's never going to come to you again. So creepy, I thought it was a girl sleeping there."

Newsweek have contacted Meagan Michelle Allen for comment.

toddler asleep in bed
A stock image of a toddler asleep in a bed. In a recent TikTok video, a mom shared her clever hack for getting her two-year-old to sleep in his own bed. Getty Images