Mom Shares Genius Hack to Tell If Children Are Lying

No matter how good a parent you are, little children are known to tell lies now and again.

Whether it be fueled by imagination or to stop themselves from getting in trouble, teaching your kid to tell the truth is an integral part of raising them, and one woman on TikTok has come up with a very clever hack to make sure they do just that.

But what exactly does the trick entail?

Speaking in a video posted to the app on July 9 a mother by the account name of mombarrassed5 revealed: "I told my children that when they lie, a star appears on their forehead that only a grown-up can see.

"So anytime they are lying to me, they cover their forehead."

Her explanation of the genius solution was in response to a video made by TikTok creator Kat_Morgan, who asked viewers: "What is the most useful lie you ever told your kids?"

Mombarrassed5's method, which can be watched here, has since gone viral on the site, having so far been viewed by a whopping 27.2 million people and surpassed 5.1 million likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share the lies that they had told their own children.

One TikTok user, Sarags14, wrote: "I told mine that when she lies, her nose moves, so same. She covers her nose."

Another person, Kenna, added: "I grew up next to cemetery but in order to avoid freaking me out, my mom told me it was a rock garden."

Rachel Howard revealed: "I told my kids their tongue goes black when they lie and when they lie they won't open their mouth or cover their mouth."

Jahzzel Garza stated: "If the McDonald's arches were yellow... it means they were out of food for the day."

However, some TikTok users did not agree with her methods, including _thatsome who wrote: "I love that they are lying to their kids... to get them to stop lying."

In a follow-up video response to this comment, mombarrassed5 explained: "The star is a tool to help your children recognise when they are lying and why they need to come out and own their lies.

"Use this star trick when your children are young, that way you can tell when they are lying and you can help walk them through taking back their lie.

"Don't use this trick to create fear in your children. If you have used the trick in the correct way you will have built trust because they know that they can tell you the truth and that when they do, they are not punished for their truth."

Girl whispering in boy's ear
A stock image of a young girl whispering in boy's ear. On TikTok a mom has shared her hack for stopping her kids from lying. Getty Images