Mom Shares Hack for Keeping Bugs Away This Summer Using Unlikely Item

A woman has shared a brilliant hack for keeping bugs away this summer and it involves using soap.

No, you don't have to scrup anything with soapy suds, instead the hack is fairly hassle-free.

On July 4, a Minnesota mom, who goes by the account name Jojo.butterflylove, shared the simple hack to TikTok.

Speaking into the camera, while wearing bright pink sunglasses, she revealed: "If I take Irish Spring soap, shred it up, and sprinkle it around outside where I'm going to be sitting, it's going to keep the bugs away."

The blonde woman then proceeded to shred bars of the soap using a cheese grater, and then added it into a bowl before saying: "It smells phenomenal."

Next the TikToker scattered the pieces of soap around her garden, adding: "Since it's summer and finally hot in Minnesota, I'm hoping it's really going to work."

Jojo.butterflylove captioned the post, writing: "#irishspringsoap #hack #nobugs #telleveryone #thanksTiktok #fypシ #viralvideo."

The hack, which can be viewed here, has so been watched a whopping 9.8 million times, and received 1.7 million likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their views on the clever hack.

One TikTok, Byran Cortright, wrote: "This is not environmentally friendly, so maybe try putting it on a plate where you can discard it later!"

Another person, Hankford, added: "We use bars in our camper. In all the nook and crannies. Never have had any probs with insects and mice. Smells great."

Cricket Barton joked: "I saw a video yesterday that it keeps mice away too. No wonder my mom used to put the bar in my mouth when I was bad."

An account by the name of User3542772477541 revealed: "Never thought about shredding it... tip though. It also keeps mice away.

"Cut bar into 6 and place everywhere in the house. Country living for you."

Morgan.bishopt commented: "Until it rains and your yard is filled with bubbles."

On its website, Taste of Homes reveals that the hack works because: "Most pests, including larger animals like rabbits and deer, hate the smell of strong soap, so this trick should keep your social gatherings and garden pest-free all summer."

TikTok is awash with many other brilliant tips and tricks, including a way in which parents can help fussy kids to try new foods and a fantastic method for eating pineapples as, apparently, we have all been doing this wrong our entire lives.

Newsweek have contacted Jojo.butterflylove for comment.

Woman swatting bugs in bed
A stock image of woman swatting away bugs in a bed. On TikTok a mom has shared her method for keeping bugs away. Getty Images