Mom's Juicy Meat Grilling Hack Using Ice Cubes Divides the Internet

Summer is almost here, which means the season of barbecues and garden gatherings.

However, nothing can kill the mood faster than serving dry meat to your guests.

But this doesn't have to be an option, even if you are the most novice griller, as one woman has taken to TikTok to show how you can use ice cubes to ensure your burgers are moist.

The video was posted on June 16 by Shannon Doherty, known online as @athomewithshannon.

She captioned the clip: "*ICE CUBE GRILLING HACK* tested Viral Hack! Tips from Mom of 4."

Doherty then added: "#grillinghack #lifehacks #tipsandtricks #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok."

So, how does one try this?

Well, standing in her garden wearing a blue dress and a headband, the mother told the camera: "Let's see if the ice cube grilling hack really works."

The footage then cuts to her grill, with Doherty holding a bowl of ice cubes. She then says: "Next time you grill burgers grab some ice cubes."

Next, she places an ice cube on top of every burger patty, explaining: "put an ice cube right in each burger. Normally an ice cube helps them stay moist, let's see."

After they are cooked, she adds: "Hey guys, time to try!"

The mom of four then holds up a cheeseburger in a bun and squeezes it—some juices spill out onto the plate. Delighted, Doherty exclaims: "It works! So good!"

The clip has gained a lot of traction online, having been viewed more than 398,500 times and garnered 23,400 likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the top tip.

One TikTok user, Sarah-Tiredmamateacher, wrote: "Omg I want to try this."

Another person, Suchinathamel, added: "It works and even tastier than normal."

Emma Drew typed: "We do it every time we have them!"

However, Jbestmitchell had a tip for improving the method, explaining: "Try a seasoning cube that's frozen at least will have flavor."

While Backboardwithnorin suggested it would also work if she "just put some butter."

Some viewers were not keen on the hack at all, with Erik writing: "Ain't no one want no watery ass burger."

The One and Only Glizzy God agreed, stating: "It just devolves into the burger and then becomes bland."

Doherty's page is awash with many hacks and tips surrounding food. She recently shared her method for serving pineapple, without having to use a knife.

Another tip she also shared with her one million followers, was how to select a perfect watermelon using three different tried and tested methods.

meat on grill
A stock image of meat on a grill. A mother on TikTok has shared her method to ensure that meat always stays moist. Getty Images