Mom Saying Her Sister's Kids Will Be 'Bullied' for Their Names Splits Views

The internet is divided between two sisters, after one insulted the other over her choice of names for her children, saying they would be bullied for it and "rightly so."

In a post shared on Reddit last Sunday, u/Silent-Bluejay-3524 explained that the pair haven't spoken to each other in three years but they recently met at their parent's house for their dad's birthday, and it ended up in an argument.

It started when her sister first heard her children's names and she said they were "weird" asking "why did [she] do that to her kids."

The two sisters have always been opposites, according to the post, and in the past, the poster has been accused by her sister of having a "weird obsession with being different," which she believes is because her mother gave her an unusual name.

The poster told her sister she "had some nerve to insult her kids' names", and her sister answered that she was just trying to "save them."

She wrote: "After the party, she sent me a list of "normal names" that she wanted me to choose instead, and have the kids' names changed legally. I told her I was not interested and to drop the subject.

"She proceeded to send message after message with insult, saying my kids were doomed, saying they would hate me, that they sounded like dumb hippies who would be bullied, rightly so, and that nature names are a dumb thing.

"My daughter has a bird name and my son has a water name, for context."

Data by baby names blog Listophile, shows that unusual names like "water names" are growing in popularity. Names like Ozzy, Colter, and Loyal are increasing among boys, and Vida, Flora, and Oakleigh are increasing among baby girls.

Another day that is becoming more and more popular is Ocean, with 253 baby girls registered under that name in 2021.

According to the post, her sister went as far as to say that the poster wanted her kids to suffer and she would "laugh when they were tormented and turned out to hate [her]."

At that point, the poster took screenshots of their chat and "blasted it" on social media, which made angered her sister who called her a "huge a**hole", saying she "crossed a line."

The post which was first shared on the r/AmITheA**hole subreddit has now received over 8,000 upvotes and 2,400 comments in less than 24 hours.

Users were divided on this issue. One user wrote: "INFO it's hard to say who's in the wrong here without knowing the names.

"If your daughter's name is Robin then your sister is the asshole. If your daughter's name is Tufted Titmouse then you're the a**hole. I'll give you a pass on naming your son Fiji, Evian, or Dasani. Those are all fine names."

Another commented: "99% chance they're River and Phoenix. Both "hippie" names."

And a third said: "Info: how "out there" are the names? Are they like "Wren" and "River" or are they more like "Yellow Crested Warbler" and "Reservoir"? Keep flitting between N.T.A and E.S.H but definitely think your sister is the biggest AH in the scenario."

A fourth wrote: "I mean, I feel like sister is wrong no matter what bc what kind of person says they'd laugh when their niblings are tormented over anything? No matter how you spin it, that's just cruel." And shaka893P said: "[I don't know], there are some names so bad, they just shouldn't be used ... You see posts about them every now and then."

Newsweek reached out to u/Silent-Bluejay-3524 for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

sisters fighting
A stock image shows an argument between two sisters. The internet is divided between two woman after one insulted the other over her unusual baby names. Getty Images

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