Mom of Twins Explains Why She Skipped Cribs in Favor of a 'Floor Bed'

A set of adorable twins have gone viral on TikTok, thanks to their incredible bond and their mom's unique parenting method.

Posting to TikTok on Friday, user katelynpparkinson99 shared a video (which can be seen here) explaining how the Montessori method—a teaching technique based on self-directed learning and hands-on play—helped to create the amazing friendship between her 9-month-old twins.

In the babycam footage, which has more than 2 million views and 14,000 comments, Parkinson explains how she initially used the method to help her children to fall asleep.

She said: "We skipped cribs. From the time our babies were four months old we have used a montessori floor bed.

"We simply tuck them in and walk out. Giving them the opportunity to sleep, or play.

"If they are tired, they go right to sleep. If not, they crawl around and play in their safe space until they are sleepy.

"After lots of patience and love, our babies now put themselves to sleep without a crib."

But the method has turned out to have an additional benefit, as it has helped to build a strong bond between the twins.

She continued: "We weren't sure if it would work with twins, but honestly, it makes it that much better.

"They bond so much in that period of time, just the two of them.

"Every night after we leave, the first thing they do is find each other."

TikTok users couldn't get enough of the twins' delightful relationship, with jackiem_giamonae saying: "I'm crying. I love this. The purest love."

Aimee rebekah said: "The way they keep looking at each other makes my heart all warm and fuzzy."

Jeseniav_ commented: "This is the cutest thing ever."

Although most comments were supportive of Parkinson and her parenting choices, some commenters had concerns.

In response to a user who urged her to put covers on her outlets, Parkinson posted a short clip of herself showing the outlets safely covered up.

And in response to a comment claiming that her children's room resembled "solitary confinement," she shared a clip of the nursery in full during daylight hours, which also included a shot of her cuddling one of the twins on a floor bed.

She also explained her decision to not use cribs. Replying to users curious about her decision to use floor beds, Parkinson said: "I had cribs but didn't end up using them! They were in a bassinet next to me for four months. Then floor bed.

"It gives them a sense of independence so they can go play in their room when they wake. Lots of other advantages. Also two cribs is hard to fit lol."


Reply to @greys_pappy you…. you talking to me???? simple and natural. Lots of night nursing and snuggles if they cry. Looks safe and loving to me!!🎈 here’s the room tour some of you have requested ❤️ #montessorimom #twinmom #momtok it’s more than wooden toys. It’s a studied and effective parenting and teaching style. And it works for my babies

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The Montessori educational method was created by Maria Montessori (1870-1952), who was one of the first women to qualify as a medical doctor in Italy.

Montessori specialized in psychiatry and pediatrics before retraining as a teacher. While treating children with intellectual disabilities, she realized that a different style of teaching would help them to learn, rather than medical treatment. She began developing the Montessori Method in 1900, which promoted the idea that children thrive when given self-directed activities in a safe environment.

There haven't been many studies on whether or not the Montessori method is effective for helping children to learn and grow, and the ones that have been conducted found mixed results. Still, the method clearly works for Parkinson and her twins, who seem closer than ever. With a recent poll showing that three-quarters of parents are concerned about the impact COVID has had on their children's early development, it's good to see examples of healthy happy babies trending online.

As well as warming many TikTokers' hearts, others saw the humor in the youngsters sleeping on mattresses on the floor, which Parkinson found hilarious, sharing a clip of herself laughing.


Reply to @keywestkelli method not type of bed. Also comments like this make me hackle. ✨Montessori is a way of parenting / teaching, it’s not just wooden toys🥰 but still funny haha

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Maggs Valenz joked: "So I wasn't poor when I was a child? I was living the Montessori style."

GiggidyGigg commented: "I use a Montessori mattress when I'm drunk. Sometimes it's not even a mattress. Just a Montessori floor."

DreamCreationsBoutique added: "I think it's so funny now this is called "Montessori" sooo fancy! In my days this was called poor and probably a cps visit lol."

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Newsweek has contacted katelynparkinson99 for comment.

Identical Twin Babies Lying on a Bed
The Montessori method is how one mom managed to sleep-train her twins while helping them to bond. BorupFoto/iStock/Getty Images Plus